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Shoko-T4N-X Ver. B

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Shoko-T4N-X Ver. B
Robo Box-X Ver. B Robo Box-X Ver. B Set
Robo Box-X Ver. B

BKP-9 Enforcer Helm-X Beam Saber Z-16-X Thaumatech Cyber Wand-X Auto-Shot Nano Rifle-X DG-300 Energy Blocker-X Replica Hover Cape-X Shoko-T4N-X Ver. B Zero Suit Shoko 230 Ver. B
Hat Knife Cane Gun Shield Cape Pet Pet

Shoko-T4N Ver. B

Shoko-T4N Ver. B


Required Weight Value Time
Level 230 230 0 N/A
Talent of Pet Slots
AP, AC, DA, LK, HV 1
Stats Min/Max Ranges
Attack Power: ? ~ ?
Accuracy: ? ~ ?
Magic Points:
Magic Attack:
Magic Defense:
Detect Ability: ? ~ ?
Luck: ? ~ ?
Health Points:
Defense Points:
Hit Evasion: ? ~ ?
Health Points Recovery: 5 times
Magic Points Recovery: 5 times
Shoko-T4N is the latest in the secret Megalo Robotics' line of battle androids! T4N stands for Terrific Fourth Neutral; we don't know what that means either. But she sure enjoys fighting monsters!
Increases AP, AC, DA, LK, and HV. Actual stats are randomly generated.
How to Obtain
Open Robo Box-X Ver. B.
Used for
Tradable Bankable Droppable Sellable (to NPC)
No Yes No Yes
Shoko-T4N Ver. B Shoko-T4N Ver. B attack Shoko-T4N Ver. B idle Shoko-T4N Ver. B movement
Asuka Lv 001 - 020 Egg Ghost Lv 021 - 040 Book Fairy Ink Lv 041 - 060 Guardian Knight Lv 061 - 080
Young Blood Lv 081 - 100 Apprentice Eclipse Lv 101 - 120 Magician Louie Lv 121 - 140 Young Master Danihen Lv 141 - 160
Blossoming Nefertiti Lv 161 - 180 Bikini Bunny Maid Lv 181 - 200 Summer Stella Lv 201 - 220 Madame Snow Lv 221 - 240
Santa Sephiria Lv 241 - 260 Baby Coolem Lv 261 - 280
Equipment Equipments Pets Pets Drills Drills Use Items Use/Etc. Items Image:Apricot Dart.gif Ammunition
Wizard 101
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