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MyShop Fashion for Cat

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MyShop Fashion
Image:Black Hoodie.gif Image:Black Vest.gif Image:Ivory Blouse.gif Image:Black Shirt.gif Image:Baby Blue Tank.gif Image:Black Stitch Shirt.gif Image:Black Bustier.gif Image:Black Blazer.gif
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IconNameJob TypePositionCost
Image:Black Bustier.gifBlack BustierModelBody1,400 Points
Image:Olive Halter Top.gifOlive Halter TopModelBody1,400 Points
Image:Purple Bustier.gifPurple BustierModelBody1,400 Points
Image:White Halter.gifWhite HalterModelBody1,400 Points
Image:Coral Pink tank top.gifCoral Pink tank topModelBody1,400 Points
Image:Midnight Ribbon.gifMidnight RibbonModelDeco 1900 Points
Image:Topaz Ribbon.gifTopaz RibbonModelDeco 1900 Points
Image:Yellow Chiffon.gifYellow ChiffonModelDeco 1900 Points
Image:White Ribbon (Fashion).gifWhite RibbonModelDeco 1900 Points
Image:Indigo Ribbon.gifIndigo RibbonModelDeco 1900 Points
Image:Black Paws.gifBlack PawsModelHand1,400 Points
Image:Blue Paws.gifBlue PawsModelHand900 Points
Image:Olive Fur Paw.gifOlive Fur PawModelHand900 Points
Image:White Paws.gifWhite PawsModelHand1,400 Points
Image:Indigo Fur Gloves.gifIndigo Fur GlovesModelHand1,400 Points
Image:Black Skirt.gifBlack SkirtModelPants1,400 Points
Image:Fushia Skirt.gifFushia SkirtModelPants1,400 Points
Image:Olive Mini-Skirt.gifOlive Mini-SkirtModelPants1,400 Points
Image:White Skirt.gifWhite SkirtModelPants1,400 Points
Image:Indigo Mini Skirt.gifIndigo Mini SkirtModelPants1,400 Points
Image:Black Heels.gifBlack HeelsModelShoes1,400 Points
Image:Olive Top Shoes.gifOlive Top ShoesModelShoes1,400 Points
Image:Red Top Shoes.gifRed Top ShoesModelShoes1,400 Points
Image:White Heels.gifWhite HeelsModelShoes1,400 Points
Image:Brown Suit Shoes.gifBrown Suit ShoesModelShoes1,400 Points
Image:Black Belt.gifBlack BeltModelWaist1,400 Points
Image:Olive Stitch Belt.gifOlive Stitch BeltModelWaist900 Points
Image:Pink Strap Belt.gifPink Strap BeltModelWaist1,400 Points
Image:Purple Belt.gifPurple BeltModelWaist900 Points
Image:White Belt.gifWhite BeltModelWaist900 Points


IconNameJob TypePositionCost
Image:Olive Hippie T.gifOlive Hippie TEntertainerBody1,800 Points
Image:Romantic Hippie Shirt.gifRomantic Hippie ShirtEntertainerBody1,800 Points
Image:Romantic Shirt.gifRomantic ShirtEntertainerBody1,800 Points
Image:Yellow Hippie T-Shirt.gifYellow Hippie T-ShirtEntertainerBody1,800 Points
Image:Black Checkered Stocking.gifBlack Checkered StockingEntertainerDeco 21,400 Points
Image:Grey Stocking.gifGrey StockingEntertainerDeco 21,400 Points
Image:Purple Check Stocking.gifPurple Check StockingEntertainerDeco 21,400 Points
Image:Red Brown Stocking.gifRed Brown StockingEntertainerDeco 21,400 Points
Image:Black Checkered Skirt.gifBlack Checkered SkirtEntertainerPants1,800 Points
Image:Blue Check Skirt.gifBlue Check SkirtEntertainerPants1,800 Points
Image:Orange Checkered Skirt.gifOrange Checkered SkirtEntertainerPants1,800 Points
Image:White Checkered Skirt.gifWhite Checkered SkirtEntertainerPants1,800 Points
Image:Black Hill Boots.gifBlack Hill BootsEntertainerShoes1,800 Points
Image:Olive Heel Boots.gifOlive Heel BootsEntertainerShoes1,800 Points
Image:Red Heel Boots.gifRed Heel BootsEntertainerShoes1,800 Points
Image:Yellow Hill Boots.gifYellow Hill BootsEntertainerShoes1,800 Points
Image:Black Gong Belt.gifBlack Gong BeltEntertainerWaist1,400 Points
Image:Blue Studded Belt.gifBlue Studded BeltEntertainerWaist1,400 Points
Image:Orange Studded Belt.gifOrange Studded BeltEntertainerWaist1,400 Points
Image:Red Bell Belt.gifRed Bell BeltEntertainerWaist1,400 Points

Primadonna and Diva

IconNameJob TypePositionCost
Image:Light Purple Blouse.gifLight Purple BlousePrimadonna, DivaBody1,800 Points
Image:Sky Blue Blouse.gifSky Blue BlousePrimadonna, DivaBody1,800 Points
Image:Dark Pink Double Coat.gifDark Pink Double CoatPrimadonna, DivaCoat1,800 Points
Image:Purple Double Coat.gifPurple Double CoatPrimadonna, DivaCoat1,000 Points
Image:Sky Blue Shirring Skirt.gifSky Blue Shirring SkirtPrimadonna, DivaPants1,800 Points
Image:Violet Shirring Skirt.gifViolet Shirring SkirtPrimadonna, DivaPants1,800 Points
Image:Blue Buckle Shoes.gifBlue Buckle ShoesPrimadonna, DivaShoes1,800 Points
Image:Violet Buckle Shoes.gifViolet Buckle ShoesPrimadonna, DivaShoes1,800 Points
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