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Template:Party Quest

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This is a basic guide on how to utilize the Party Quest template for Trickster Online. This template is used for Party Quests. For Normal, Daily, Key, Monster, Monster Daily, Event Monster, Episode, and Transfer Quests, please see the specific pages on the Guidelines page. Please always read template guides before using, as there are usually very specific instructions which should be followed!

Copy the following template onto a new page, named after the quest's name. (type the name of the page you want to go to via your URL bar.) Try searching for the page first however, it may already exist!

Example, Officer Tera - Mermaid Palace Party Quest will go to Officer Tera - Mermaid Palace Party Quest.

Blank Template

{{Party Quest
[[Category:__AREA__ Quest|{{PAGENAME}}]]
[[Category:Monster Quest|{{PAGENAME}}]]
[[Category:Party Quest|{{PAGENAME}}]]
[[Category:EXP Quest|{{PAGENAME}}]]
[[Category:TM Quest|{{PAGENAME}}]]
The NPC's name that offers the Quest.
The Quest's name.
The location where the Quest is offered.
The name of the map, however only use this when the quest re-uses a map, otherwise don't add the parameter. This is to avoid having to re-upload the same map image when we already have them on the wiki. (example: Horse Hiddink - Jailer Coolem)
The NPC's left coordinate.
The NPC's top coordinate.
The Quest's condition(s). These include level restrictions, completion of a different quest, or having a certain item in your possession.
The monster's name.
The base monster's name.
The level of the monster that the NPC requested to hunt to complete the Quest.
The number of monsters that need to be hunted in order to complete the quest. Add the amount of monsters needed to hunt per person (as in, total # of monsters needed/# of party members).
The time of hunt to complete the Quest. The time units are: sec for seconds, min for minute(s).
The reward items that quest gives.
The location that the request monster is found.
Any additional information that should be noted, goes here too.
The last few lines is for adding the page to the Quest categories.
  1. The first category belongs to Quest Area, like Desert Beach or Black Swamp. Make sure to edit the __AREA__ part.

Example Template

{{Party Quest
|NPC=Officer Tera
|Name=Mermaid Palace Party Quest
|Location=Gate of Mermaid Dungeon
|Condition=Level 80+
|Monster=Waterweed Witch
|Time=20 min
|Reward=10x [[500 Galder Coupon]]
|Found=[[Mermaid Palace Field 2 - Seaweeds Square]] and [[Mermaid Palace Field 3 - Coral Square]]
[[Category:Mermaid Palace Quest|{{PAGENAME}}]]
[[Category:Monster Quest|{{PAGENAME}}]]
[[Category:Party Quest|{{PAGENAME}}]]
[[Category:EXP Quest|{{PAGENAME}}]]
[[Category:TM Quest|{{PAGENAME}}]]

Officer Tera - Mermaid Palace Party Quest

Image:Officer Tera.gif
Gate of Mermaid Dungeon
NPC: Officer Tera Location: Gate of Mermaid Dungeon
Monster: Waterweed Witch (Lv.95) Condition: Level 80+, all party members must be in Gate of Mermaid Dungeon.
Party Members Amount of Monsters Time Reward Base / TM
2 48x in 20 min 10x 500 Galder Coupon ~ / ~
3 72x
4 96x
5 120x
6 144x
Found at:
Waterweed Witch is found at Mermaid Palace Field 2 - Seaweeds Square and Mermaid Palace Field 3 - Coral Square. Waterweed Witch
Notes: Amount of experience fluctuates (depends mostly on the number of kills).

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