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Stargazer Ethel - Inconvenient Request

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Stargazer Ethel - Inconvenient Request

Image:Stargazer Ethel.gif
Image:Alteo Empire Field 3 - Sanctuary Forest.png
NPC: Stargazer Ethel Location: Alteo Empire Field 3 - Sanctuary Forest
Base Experience: 7,580,776 TM Experience: 1,404,191
Request: 10x Wind Spirit Stone, 10x Water Spirit Stone, 10x Earth Spirit Stone, Star Dust Condition: Have Rosaline Gracia - Preparations to Be One in quest log
Reward: Pain in the Butt Daily Pill
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Notes: Wind Spirit Stone Wind Spirit Stone is dropped by Wind Spirit (Lv.250) and Intermediate Spirit of Wind (Lv.285). Water Spirit Stone Water Spirit Stone is dropped by Water Spirit (Lv.250). Earth Spirit Stone Earth Spirit Stone is dropped by Earth Spirit (Lv.250) and Intermediate Spirit of Earth (Lv.285). Star Dust Star Dust is obtained by completing Grandpa T - Honest Grandpa T.
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