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Mystery Card

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Mystery Card

Image:Mystery Card.png

Image:Mystery Card.gif
Rank # Card Type Card MP
6 Neutral 500
Compound Ability Weight Value
None 0 77,000
- - Mystery Card
This card is a complete mystery. Take this card to the person collecting cards and you will recieve something. No. 6
Life +4
How to Obtain
Open Neid - Coral Beach, Neid - Desert Beach, Neid - Megalopolis, Neid - Underground Dev Room Neid - Caballa Relics, Neid - Oops Wharf, Neid - Mermaid Palace, Neid - Mirage Island, Neid - Ghost Blue, Neid - Rose Garden, Neid - Black Swamp, Neid - Snow Hill, Neid - Techichi Volcano, Neid - Tapasco Volcano, Neid - Abyss.
Used for
Card Identification.
Exchange for 3x Card Hunter's Black Crest (1x Arcana Smart Card + 1x Arcana Love Card + 1x Arcana Brave Card + 1x Arcana Dream Card + 1x Mystery Card) with Card Hunter Eugene.
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