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Little Cora

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Little Cora

Little Cora

Little Cora
Type Level Weakness Resistance
Charm 5 None None
Coral Beach Field 2 - Passionate Sun
Aggressive Elemental Attribute HP AP MA DP MD GD
No None 345 32 0 12 11 30
Damage Tolerance
Physical Magic Gun Fire Water Air Soil Electric Light Dark Shadow
100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% ?
Monster/Party Quest

Name Use %
Little Cora Card Little Cora Card Card Identification Very Rare
10 Galder Coupon 10 Galder Coupon Galder: 10
50 Galder Coupon 50 Galder Coupon Galder: 50
Monkey T - Honest Monkey T
Pink Potion A Pink Potion A Recovery: 100 HP
Bunny Maid - Transfer to Coliseum Waiting Room
Blue Potion A Blue Potion A Recovery: 100 MP Common
Star Card Pack No.1 Star Card Pack No.1 Box: Fortune Cards Rank#1
Star Gazer Stella - Daily Quest - Megalopolis (Autumn)
Star Card Pack No.2 Star Card Pack No.2 Box: Fortune Cards Rank#2
Star Card Pack No.3 Star Card Pack No.3 Box: Fortune Cards Rank#3
Star Gazer Stella - Daily Quest - Ghost Blue (Autumn)
Old Wooden Sword Old Wooden Sword Sword (Lv.5) Rare
Sharp Wooden Sword Sharp Wooden Sword Sword (Lv.5) Very Rare
Old Poniard Old Poniard Knife (Lv.5) Rare
Sharp Poniard Sharp Poniard Knife (Lv.5) Very Rare
Old Staff Old Staff Cane (Lv.5) Rare
Moon Staff Moon Staff Cane (Lv.5) Very Rare
Old Ebony Gun Old Ebony Gun Gun (Lv.5) Rare
Strong Ebony Gun Strong Ebony Gun Gun (Lv.5) Very Rare
Pointy Object Pointy Object Compound: Compounder Nadia - Super Needles Common
AP Stone AP Stone Compound: AP +4~16 (Lv.0) Very Rare
AC Stone AC Stone Compound: AC +0~1 (Lv.0) Very Rare
DX Stone DX Stone Compound: DX 0~-1 (Lv.0) Very Rare
MP Stone MP Stone Compound: MP +36~120 (Lv.0) Very Rare
MA Stone MA Stone Compound: MA +0~1 (Lv.0) Very Rare
MD Stone MD Stone Compound: MD +4~16 (Lv.0) Very Rare
WT Stone WT Stone Compound: WT +96~320 (Lv.0) Very Rare
DA Stone DA Stone Compound: DA +0~1 (Lv.0) Very Rare
LK Stone LK Stone Compound: LK +0~1 (Lv.0) Very Rare
HP Stone HP Stone Compound: HP +36~120 (Lv.0) Very Rare
DP Stone DP Stone Compound: DP +4~16 (Lv.0) Very Rare
HV Stone HV Stone Compound: HV +0~1 (Lv.0) Very Rare
Air Crystal Air Crystal Compound: Air Attr +5~31% (Lv.0) Very Rare
Water Crystal Water Crystal Compound: Water Attr +5~31% (Lv.0) Very Rare
Fire Crystal Fire Crystal Compound: Fire Attr +5~31% (Lv.0) Very Rare
Soil Crystal Soil Crystal Compound: Soil Attr +5~31% (Lv.0) Very Rare
Electric Crystal Electric Crystal Compound: Electric Attr +5~31% (Lv.0) Very Rare
Light Crystal Light Crystal Compound: Light Attr +5~31% (Lv.0) Very Rare
Dark Crystal Dark Crystal Compound: Dark Attr +5~31% (Lv.0) Very Rare
Air Resist Crystal Air Resist Crystal Compound: Air Resist +1~10% (Lv.0) Very Rare
Water Resist Crystal Water Resist Crystal Compound: Water Resist +1~10% (Lv.0) Very Rare
Fire Resist Crystal Fire Resist Crystal Compound: Fire Resist +1~10% (Lv.0) Very Rare
Soil Resist Crystal Soil Resist Crystal Compound: Soil Resist +1~10% (Lv.0) Very Rare
Elec Resist Crystal Elec Resist Crystal Compound: Elec Resist +1~10% (Lv.0) Very Rare
Light Resist Crystal Light Resist Crystal Compound: Light Resist +1~10% (Lv.0) Very Rare
Dark Resist Crystal Dark Resist Crystal Compound: Dark Resist +1~10% (Lv.0) Very Rare
Critical Metal Critical Metal Compound: Critical +1~10% (Lv.0) Very Rare
Block Metal Block Metal Compound: Block +1~10% (Lv.0) Very Rare

Little Cora
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