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In-Game Shields

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Shield List
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Typical Shields

Wood Shield

IconNameLevelValueMDDPSlotsCompoundable StatsObtained
Image:Wood Shield.gifOld Wood Shield201,400-240NoneDesert Beach Monsters
Wood Shield2,100-321MD, LK, HPParadise Shop
Strong Wood Shield3,500-481MD, LK, HPDesert Beach Monsters
Chaos Wood Shield2,1000~480~680~3MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistTutankhamen,
Excavated in Chaos Spire Floor 4, 5, 6
Requiem Wood Shield12,0000~840~550~4MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistExchange in Chaos Spire 3rd and 7th Floor
Ultimate Wood Shield21,00025~6036~802~3MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistTutankhamen

Bronze Shield

IconNameLevelValueMDDPSlotsCompoundable StatsObtained
Image:Bronze Shield.gifOld Bronze Shield352,450-420NoneMegalopolis Monsters
Bronze Shield3,675-561MD, LK, HPMegalopolis Shop
Strong Bronze Shield6,125-841MD, LK, HPMegalopolis Monsters
Art Bronze Shield14,70033~8450~1191~3MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistPoppuri Dungeon Monsters
Chaos Bronze Shield3,6750~840~1190~3MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistExcavated in Chaos Spire Floor 8, 9, 10
Requiem Bronze Shield21,0000~970~1500~4MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistExchange in Chaos Spire 3rd and 7th Floor

Metal Shield

IconNameLevelValueMDDPSlotsCompoundable StatsObtained
Image:Metal Shield.gifOld Metal Shield503,500-600NoneCaballa Relics Monsters
Metal Shield5,250-801MD, LK, HPAzteca Shop
Strong Metal Shield8,750-1201MD, LK, HPCaballa Relics Monsters
Art Metal Shield21,00040~12070~1701~3MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistCaballa Relics Monsters
Chaos Metal Shield5,2500~1200~1700~3MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistExcavated in Chaos Spire Floor 11
Requiem Metal Shield21,0000~1400~1890~4MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistExchange in Chaos Spire 11th Floor
Ultimate Metal Shield52,50060~15083~2000~4MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistTombeth

Thorn Shield

IconNameLevelValueMDDPSlotsCompoundable StatsObtained
Image:Thorn Shield.gifOld Thorn Shield654,550-780NoneOops Wharf Monsters
Thorn Shield6,825-1041MD, LK, HPOops Wharf Shop
Strong Thorn Shield11,375-1561MD, LK, HPOops Wharf Monsters
Chaos Thorn Shield6,8250~1560~2210~3MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistCaptain Skull,
Excavated in Fading Tower Floor 1, 2
Requiem Thorn Shield21,0000~1970~2770~4MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistExchange in Fading Tower 3rd and 7th Floor
Ultimate Thorn Shield68,25079~195117~2602~4MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistCaptain Skull

Square Shield

IconNameLevelValueMDDPSlotsCompoundable StatsObtained
Image:Square Shield.gifOld Square Shield805,600-960NoneMermaid Palace Monsters
Square Shield8,400-1281MD, LK, HPMermaid Palace Field 4 Shop
Strong Square Shield14,000-1921MD, LK, HPMermaid Palace Monsters
Art Square Shield33,60064~192112~2771~3MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistMermaid Palace Monsters
Chaos Square Shield8,4000~1920~2720~3MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistExcavated in Fading Tower Floor 8, 9, 10
Requiem Square Shield48,0000~2300~3440~4MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistExchange in Fading Tower 3rd and 7th Floor

Guardian Shield

IconNameLevelValueMDDPSlotsCompoundable StatsObtained
Image:Guardian Shield.gifOld Guardian Shield956,650-1140NoneMirage Island Monsters
Guardian Shield9,975-1521MD, LK, HPAlteo Construction Site Shop,
Alteo City Shop
Strong Guardian Shield16,625-2281MD, LK, HPMirage Island Monsters
Art Guardian Shield39,90076~228133~3231~3MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistMirage Island Monsters
Chaos Guardian Shield9,9750~2280~3230~3MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistExcavated in Fading Tower Floor 11
Requiem Guardian Shield57,0000~2550~3380~4MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistExchange in Fading Tower 11th Floor

Knight Shield

IconNameLevelValueMDDPSlotsCompoundable StatsObtained
Image:Knight Shield.gifOld Knight Shield1107,700-1320NoneGhost Blue Monsters
Knight Shield11,550-1761MD, LK, HPAquarius Shop
Strong Knight Shield19,250-2641MD, LK, HPGhost Blue Monsters
Art Knight Shield46,20088~264154~3741~3MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistNora Sewer Monsters
Chaos Knight Shield11,5500~2640~3740~3MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistPirate King Karan
Requiem Knight Shield66,0000~2810~3480~4MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistNot available yet
Ultimate Knight Shield115,500132~330198~4402~4MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistPirate King Karan

Crest Shield

IconNameLevelValueMDDPSlotsCompoundable StatsObtained
Image:Crest Shield.gifOld Crest Shield1258,750-1500NoneRose Garden Monsters
Crest Shield13,125-2001MD, LK, HPGate of Vamp Castle Shop
Strong Crest Shield21,875-3001MD, LK, HPRose Garden Monsters
Art Crest Shield??~??~?1~3MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistVamp Castle Monsters
Chaos Crest Shield?0~?0~?0~3MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistNot yet available
Requiem Crest Shield?0~?0~?0~4MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistNot available yet
Ultimate Crest Shield131,250150~375225~5002~4MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistCount Blood
Shadow Crest Shield61,250150~300225~4251~3MD, LK, HP, All Elements Resist?

Jade Shield

IconNameLevelValueMDDPSlotsCompoundable StatsObtained
Image:Jade Shield.gifOld Jade Shield1409,800-1680NoneBlack Swamp Monsters
Jade Shield14,700-2241MD, LK, HPCarbigal Shop
Strong Jade Shield24,500-3361MD, LK, HPBlack Swamp Monsters
Art Jade Shield58,800112~336196~4761~3MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistSwamp Dungeon Monsters
Chaos Jade Shield?0~?0~?0~3MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistTenter Lion
Requiem Jade Shield?0~?0~?0~4MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistNot available yet
Ultimate Jade Shield147,000168~420252~5602~4MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistTenter Lion

Silver Shield

IconNameLevelValueMDDPSlotsCompoundable StatsObtained
Image:Silver Shield.gifOld Silver Shield15510,850-1860None?
Strong Silver Shield27,125-3721MD, LK, HPUnderground Dev Room Monsters
Morph Silver Shield54,250-3721~4MD, LK, HP, All Elements Resist?
Shadow Silver Shield79,950186~372279~5271~3MD, LK, HP, All Elements Resist?

Golden Shield

IconNameLevelValueMDDPSlotsCompoundable StatsObtained
Image:Golden Shield.gifOld Golden Shield17011,900-2040NoneSnow Hill Monsters
Golden Shield17,850-2721MD, LK, HPSnow Hill Gift Factory Shop
Strong Golden Shield29,750-4081MD, LK, HPSnow Hill Monsters
Art Golden Shield71,400136~408238~5781~3MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistBlue Ice Dungeon Monsters
Chaos Golden Shield?0~?0~?0~3MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistNot yet available
Requiem Golden Shield?0~?0~?0~4MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistNot available yet
Ultimate Golden Shield178500204~510306~6802~4MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistQueen Odinea


IconNameLevelValueMDHPDPSlotsCompoundable StatsObtained
Image:Defender.gifPhantom Defender18592,500-222 ~ 296-1665 ~ 2220-148 ~ 8880~3MD, LK, HPPhantom Dungeon Monsters

Mithril Shield

IconNameLevelValueMDHPDPSlotsCompoundable StatsObtained
Image:Mithril Shield.gifOld Mithril Shield21515,050--2580NoneTechichi Volcano Monsters
Mithril Shield22,575--3441MD, LK, HPNot yet available
Strong Mithril Shield37,625--5161MD, LK, HPTechichi Volcano Monsters
Artisan Mithril Shield90,300172~516-301~7311~3MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistBlack Ash Dungeon Monsters
Chaos Mithril Shield?0~?-0~?0~3MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistNot yet available
Requiem Mithril Shield?0~?-0~?0~4MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistNot yet available
Ultimate Mithril Shield??~?-?~?2~4MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistSoki
Phantom Mithril Shield107,500~-251? ~ 18?~~ -1935 ~ 51 ~~ -172 ~ 598 ~0~4MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistPhantom Dungeon Monsters

Shield of Honor

IconNameLevelValueMDHPDPSlotsCompoundable StatsObtained
Image:Shield of Honor.gifOld Shield of Honor27519,250 --3300NoneTapasco Volcano Monster
Shield of Honor?--?1MD, LK, HPNot yet available
Strong Shield of Honor48,125--6601MD, LK, HPTapasco Volcano Monster
Art Shield of Honor??~?-?~??~?MD, LK, HP, All Elements ResistNot yet available

Regal Shield

IconNameLevelValueMDDPSlotsCompoundable StatsObtained
Image:Regal Shield.gifOld Regal Shield30521,350-3660NoneAbyss Monsters
Regal Shield32,025-4881MD, LK, HPAbyss Shop
Strong Regal Shield53,375-7321MD, LK, HPAbyss Monsters

Other Shields

IconNameLevelStatsSlotsCompoundable StatsValueWeightObtained
Image:Rookie Shield.gifRookie Shield1DP +20-1(Old)MD, HP, Water Resistance16
Image:Megas Shield.gifMegas Shield 3030
Image:Signpost Shield.gifSignpost Shield40DP +480None4,40018Gate of Black Swamp Shop
Image:Alloy Shield.gifAlloy Shield50DP +600None6,00024Gate of Black Swamp Shop
Image:Cone Drill Shield.gifCone Drill Shield50AC +2 HP +120 DP +16 HV +22MD, LK, Soil Resistance2,00050
Image:Cute Drill Shield.gifCute Drill Shield50MP +120 MD +16 DP +32 LK +22AC, MD, DA, Air Resist7,00050
Image:Requiem Shield.gifRequiem Spire Shield55MP 0~522 MD 0~124 DA 0~9 HP 5~477 HV 0~60~4MD, DA, HP, HV, Light Resist6,00060Crystallized Requiem M
Image:Megas Shield.gifMegas Shield 6060
Image:Gigas Shield.gifGigas Shield 8080
Image:Wing Shield.gifGlory Wing Shield90MP +360 MD +48 LK +6 HP +720 DP +481~4MP, HP, DA, LK45.00010Wing Shield Pack
Image:Possessed Shield.gifPossessed Shield95DP +1141MD, HP, Fire Resist9,60038
Image:Cute Drill Shield 100.gifCute Drill Shield 100100MP +240 MD +32 DP +64 LK +42AC, MP, LK8,000100
Image:Cone Drill Shield 100.gifCone Drill Shield 100100AC +4 HP +240 DP +32 HV +42AC, MD, LK8,000100
Image:Requiem Shield.gifRequiem Shield of Fading105MP ?~? DA ?~? HP ?~? HV ?~?0~4MD, DA, HP, HV, Light Resist30,000105Crystallized Requiem P
Image:Gigas Shield.gifGigas Shield 110110
Image:Wing Shield.gifLight Wing Shield110MD +32 LK +9 HP +300 DP +32 HV +51~4LK, HP, HV, Light Resist11.000110Wing Shield Pack
Image:Mirage Shield.gifMirage Shield110DP +1600None55,000165
Image:Knight Shield.gifWarrior's Shield120HP +1111 DP +1280None24,000240
Image:Teras Shield.gifTeras Shield 130130
Image:Gaia Shield.gifGaia Shield140LK +4 DP +224 HV +40None60,000140
Image:Requiem Shield.gifRequiem Shield of Ghost Sea150MP ?~? DA ?~? HP ?~? HV ?~?0~4MD, DA, HP, HV, Light Resist45.000150Crystallized Requiem G
Image:Don Cavalier's Shield.gifDon Cavalier's Shield160AC +7 MD +128 HP +360 DP +1602AC, MD, HP16.000160
Image:Teras Shield.gifTeras Shield 160160
Image:Don Cavalier's Shield.gifDon Cavalier's Shield LX170AC +8 MD +144 HP +420 DP +1762AC, MD, HP17.000170
Image:Imperian Shield.gifImperian Shield 180180
Image:Ophidian Shield.gifOphidian Shield 180180
Image:Septarian Shield.gifSeptarian Shield 180180
Image:Wing Shield.gifHope Wing Shield190MD +55 LK +15 HP +518 DP +55 HV +91~4LK, HP, HV, Light Resist19.000190Wing Shield Pack
Image:Requiem Shield.gifRequiem Shield of Rose Garden190MP ?~? DA ?~? HP ?~? HV ?~?0~4MD, DA, HP, HV, Light Resist57.000190Crystallized Requiem R
Image:Imperian Shield.gifImperian Shield 210210
Image:Ophidian Shield.gifOphidian Shield 210210
Image:Septarian Shield.gifSeptarian Shield 210210
Image:Crying Thunder Shield.gifTechichi Shield215
Image:Imperian Shield.gifImperian Shield 240240
Image:Ophidian Shield.gifOphidian Shield 240240
Image:Septarian Shield.gifSeptarian Shield 240240
Image:Imperian Shield.gifImperian Shield 270270
Image:Ophidian Shield.gifOphidian Shield 270270
Image:Septarian Shield.gifSeptarian Shield 270270
Image:Wing Shield.gifSky Wing Shield270MD +78 LK +17 HP +736 DP +78 HV +131~4LK, HP, HV, Light Resist27.000270Wing Shield Pack
Image:Tapasco Shield.gifTapasco Shield275DP +6082MD, LK, HP48,125340
Image:Amadas Shield.gifAmadas Shield300
Image:Amadas Shield.gifUltimate Amadas Shield330

Pre-Revo Shields

IconNameLevelStatsSlotsCompoundable StatsValueWeight
Image:Clam Shield.gifClam Shield20DP +321MD, LK, HP2,10040
Image:Clam Shield.gifClam Shield S20DP +?2??40
Image:Novice Shield.gifNovice Shield20DP +240None1,2006
Image:Bronze Shield.gifIndiana Custom Shield30DP +721MD, LK, HP3,15060
Image:Bronze Shield.gifIndiana Custom Shield S30DP +?2??60
Image:Teddy-Bear Shield.gifTeddy-Bear Shield30DP +360None2,80012
Image:Caballa Shield.gifCaballa Shield50DP +801MD, LK, HP5,250100
Image:Caballa Shield.gifCaballa Shield S50DP +?2??100
Image:Nora Shield.gifNora Shield50DP +34 MD +261MD, HP, Water Resist5,60020
Image:Police Shield.gifPolice Shield60DP +720None7,60030
Image:Oops Shield.gifOops Shield65DP +1041MD, LK, HP6,825130
Image:Oops Shield.gifOops Shield S65DP +?2??130
Image:Rosetta's Safe Shield.gifRosetta's Safe Shield70DP +24, MP +601MD, HP, Electric Resist8,60032
Image:Expedition Shield.gifExpedition Shield80DP +46 DA +2 MP +181MD, HP, Fire Resist9,60034
Image:Mermaid's Shield.gifMermaid's Shield80DP +1281MD, LK, HP8,400160
Image:Mermaid's Shield.gifMermaid's Shield S80DP +1532MD, LK, HP80,000160
Image:Ghost Shield.gifGhost Shield110DP +1761MD, LK, HP11,550220
Image:Ghost Shield.gifGhost Shield S110DP +?2??220
Image:Shocking Flash Shield.gifShocking Flash Shield110DP +1321MD, HP, Dark Resist10,80042
Image:Crying Thunder Shield.gifCrying Thunder Shield120DP +1441MD, HP, Soil Resist11,60045
Image:Rose Defense Shield.gifRose Defense Shield125DP +2001MD, LK, HP13,125250
Image:Rose Defense Shield.gifRose Defense Shield S125DP +2402MD, LK, HP125,000250
Image:Tapasco Shield.gifTapasco Shield (Old)130DP +100 MP +120 MD +401MD, HP, Air Resist12,50052
Image:Expedition Shield.gifSwamp Shield140DP +2242MD, LK, HP14,550140
Image:Expedition Shield.gifSwamp Shield S140DP +2682MD, LK, HP140,000140
Image:Crimson Shield.gifCrimson Shield150DP +1801MD, HP, Wind Resist14,00064
Image:Snow Hill Shield.gifSnow Hill Shield170DP +2722MD, LK, HP17,850340
Image:Snow Hill Shield.gifSnow Hill Shield S170DP +?2??340
Image:Spirit Shield.gifSpirit Shield170DP +2041MD, HP, Electric Resist15,60072
Image:Crying Thunder Shield.gifTechichi Shield S215
Image:Tapasco Shield.gifTapasco Shield S275 2 275.000340
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