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Image:Power Icon.gif Power Type Image:Magic Icon.gif Magic Type Image:Sense Icon.gif Sense Type Image:Charm Icon.gif Charm Type


1st Job 2nd Job 3rd Job
Teacher Card Master Gambler Duke
Teacher Card Master Gambler


A handsome player made to win efficiently and charmingly at the cost to entertain others becomes a Gambler. With his lucky cards and charging determination he can neutralize everything, without a poker face a Gambler will always bring a full game.


For more information see Gambler Skills, or click one of the below skills for in-depth information.

Power Charging Power Charging Heavy Hit Heavy Hit Full House Full House (Summon) Card Soldier (Summon) Card Soldier Four of A Kind Four of A Kind

Hair Dye Colors

Upon job advancing, all new Gamblers will start out with a default brown hair color. If you want to change the color, you can purchase a Hair Dye item from MyShop. Once the item is used, your character will always have that color hair in that job, unless changed later. If you revert back to a previous job however, you will use whichever hair color that job was set at.

Basic Colors
Super Charming Color Super Charming Color 2,700 Points Gambler Hair

Notes: Please note there are different hair dye items for each character and job when purchasing from MyShop.

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