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Cat Card

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Cat Card

Image:Cat Card.png

Image:Cat Card.gif
Rank # Card Type Card MP
8 Charm 75
Compound Ability Weight Value
None 0 10
- - Cat Card
Rank: 8. Character Card. Charm Type.
Life +3
How to Obtain
Win reward from Don Giuvanni - A Famous Model's Picture.
Win prize from Pop Stars and Dragons! (Sep. 24 ~ Oct. 08, 2008), Jen’s Comeback Tour! (Dec. 01 ~ Dec. 20, 2010) (1x Cat Card for every Cat Box 30, Cat Box 70, Cat Box 140 or Cat Box 190).
Open Wonder Box (Event), Dusty Pack.
Used for
Card Identification.
Used in the Charm Type card combination with Raccoon Card.
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