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27th Egg Shop List

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Egg Shop Information
Name Bonus Eggs Use
Sturdy Robot Hat Form Sturdy Robot Hat Form 3 Hat Form (Lv.1)
Sturdy Robot Sword Form Sturdy Robot Sword Form 3 Weapon Form (Lv.1)
Sturdy Robot Shield Form Sturdy Robot Shield Form 3 Shield Form (Lv.1)
Parrot Sword 180 Parrot Sword 180 28 Sword (Lv.180)
Parrot Dagger 180 Parrot Dagger 180 28 Knife (Lv.180)
Parrot Staff 180 Parrot Staff 180 28 Cane (Lv.180)
Parrot Gun 180 Parrot Gun 180 28 Gun (Lv.180)
Parrot Hat 180 Parrot Hat 180 28 Hat (Lv.180)
Parrot Shield 180 Parrot Shield 180 28 Shield (Lv.180)
Parrot T-Shirt 180 Parrot T-Shirt 180 28 Innerwear (Lv.180)
Woodchuck Belt Woodchuck Belt 17 Innerwear (Lv.60)
Bolero Bolero 17 Innerwear (Lv.60)
Leopard Belt 80 Leopard Belt 80 20 Innerwear (Lv.80)
Fox Fur Vest 80 Fox Fur Vest 80 20 Innerwear (Lv.80)
Rider Belt Rider Belt 22 Innerwear (Lv.100)
Rider Vest Rider Vest 22 Innerwear (Lv.100)
La Befana's Gloves La Befana's Gloves 24 Innerwear (Lv.120)
La Befana's Jacket La Befana's Jacket 24 Innerwear (Lv.120)
Red Cloak Belt Red Cloak Belt 25 Innerwear (Lv.140)
Red Cloak Red Cloak 25 Innerwear (Lv.140)
Black Wolf Belt 160 Black Wolf Belt 160 25 Innerwear (Lv.160)
Black Wolf Shawl 160 Black Wolf Shawl 160 25 Innerwear (Lv.160)
Explorer's Belt Explorer's Belt 28 Innerwear (Lv.180)
Explorer's Vest Explorer's Vest 28 Innerwear (Lv.180)
Azteca's Traditional Belt Azteca's Traditional Belt 31 Innerwear (Lv.200)
Azteca's Traditional Vest Azteca's Traditional Vest 31 Innerwear (Lv.200)
Aria Bagpack Aria Bagpack 34 Innerwear (Lv.220)
Pop Rock Parka Pop Rock Parka 34 Innerwear (Lv.220)
Snowflake Belt 240 Snowflake Belt 240 37 Innerwear (Lv.240)
Snowflake Vest 240 Snowflake Vest 240 37 Innerwear (Lv.240)
Fire Flower Belt Fire Flower Belt 40 Innerwear (Lv.260)
Fire Flower Vest Fire Flower Vest 40 Innerwear (Lv.260)
Cyclone Belt Cyclone Belt 43 Innerwear (Lv.280)
Wind Corset Wind Corset 43 Innerwear (Lv.280)
Emergency Port Emergency Port 1 (x10) Teleport Device (Lv.0)
AP Scroll AP Scroll 1 (x3) AP Scroll (Lv.1)
MA Scroll MA Scroll 1 (x3) MA Scroll (Lv.1)
LK Scroll LK Scroll 1 (x3) LK Scroll (Lv.1)
HV Scroll HV Scroll 1 (x3) HV Scroll (Lv.1)
DA Scroll DA Scroll 1 (x3) DA Scroll (Lv.1)
Egg Shop Lists
Blue Sturdy Robot Sword Form Honeybee Staff

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