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Template:Equipment Set

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Blank Template

{{Equipment Set
|Base Box Image=
|Hat Image=
|Chest Image=
|Pants Image=
|Gloves Image=
|Boots Image=
|Belt Image=

The Set's name here. If is a set compounded by items from a box, type the common name of the items or, if they haven't a common name, type the pet name or the event name.
Base Box Image
The base image of the box, if the set items come from a box. If the box image is already used in previous box, please type the previous box name.
The box name that the set items come from.
Type "Yes" or "." if the set give bonus.
Bonus Stats (2Set, 3Set, 4Set, 5Set, 6Set)
The bonus stats values.
Hat Image
The base image of the hat.
The name of the hat.
Chest Image
The base image of the chest.
The name of the chest.
Pants Image
The base image of the pants.
The name of the pants.
Gloves Image
The base image of the gloves.
The name of the gloves.
Boots Image
The base image of the boots.
The name of the boots.
Belt Image
The base image of the belt.
The name of the belt.

Example Template

{{Equipment Set
|Name=Bonehewn Hinch Chain Set
|5Set=60 Magic Damage 
|6Set=60 Physical Damage
|Hat Image=ChainHelm5
|Hat=Bonehewn Hinch Helm
|Chest Image=ChainMail5
|Chest=Bonehewn Hinch Chain Mail
|Pants Image=ChainGreaves5
|Pants=Bonehewn Hinch Greaves
|Boots Image=ChainBoots5
|Boots=Bonehewn Hinch Boots
|Gloves Image=ChainGloves5
|Gloves=Bonehewn Hinch Gloves
|Belt Image=ChainBelt5
|Belt=Bonehewn Hinch Belt

Bonehewn Hinch Chain Set

4Set +300HP
5Set +60 Magic Damage
6Set +60 Physical Damage
Bonehewn Hinch Helm Bonehewn Hinch Chain Mail Bonehewn Hinch Greaves Bonehewn Hinch Gloves Bonehewn Hinch Boots Bonehewn Hinch Belt
Hat Chest Pants Gloves Boots Belt
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