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Prologue D-6 D-5 D-4 D-3 D-2

Good day, dear readers and welcome to the Rusty Hearts Storyline section of the wiki!

If you ever skipped the dialogues of a (or several) story quest(s), or always use the skip cutscene option, and you're kind of lost to what happens story-wise, this is the bes place to catch up to what you've missed!

Of course, some of you readers may also not have finished the game at the current cap level and kind of want to "be spoiled" and know what's happening before they get to it in game. Guess I can't help it XD

So the story of the game is divided by days and each day holds all the corresponding dungeons' story -namely the story quests, plus important normal quests-. In the case of Conservatory, The Hole and Catwalks, since there's respectively 0 (for the first 2) and 1 (for the latter) story quests, a summary of the normal quests has been done.

Every cutscene (but one, as i've been unfortunately unable to record in time) has been added in the "chapters". Click on them to be redirected to Youtube to be able to see them =)

On this, I wish you a happy reading, and stay tuned for the next expansion's story!

--WingedSylphe 08:31, 11 June 2012 (UTC)

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