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Tired of taking orders and running errands?

Or maybe you just want to cross swords with an enemy smarter than most of Vlad's mindless minions? Either way, player versus player combat is always available to the brave and battle-hungry specialist. Fight for personal glory or put together a team of combatants that compliment each other's abilities.

There are different modes of battle for every warrior, and the citizens of Bramunez always like to watch a good fight. Champions climb the PvP ranks and are awarded special points which they can use to purchase special weapons and items, so do whatever it takes to come out on top.



The most straightforward mode pits teams against each other in a no-holds-barred brawl. Points are tallied as each member of a team is defeated, but no one stays down for long and it's anyone's game until the timer hits zero.


Choose your leader wisely in this game type, because if they fall it's game over. Be the first to slay the other team's VIP to win, but remember that support and healing roles are often just as important as punching the other team's VIP in the face.

Tag Team

Solo combat with a team-based twist, Tag Team mode pits your team against the opponent in a series of short, one on one matches. Defeat the entire team's roster to achieve victory but be careful, the order of opponents is random. Will you be the point man, hoping to get an early lead over your opponents, or the anchor, carrying the entire team's fate on your shoulders?


A great man once said, "War does not decide who is right, but who is left". Survival is the only thing that matters at the end of the day. This mode reflects the brutality of the world itself. Either in a team or by yourself, survive by any means necessary and be crowned the victor of this savage match.


Rank EXP
Novice 0
10th Cadet 100
9th Cadet 540
8th Cadet 1,620
7th Cadet 3,700
6th Cadet 7,200
5th Cadet 12,600
4th Cadet 20,440
3rd Cadet 31,320
2nd Cadet 45,900
1st Cadet 64,900
10th Ace 89,100
9th Ace 119,340
8th Ace 156,520
7th Ace 201,600
6th Ace 255,600
5th Ace 319,600
4th Ace 394,740
3rd Ace 482,220
2nd Ace 583,300
1st Ace 699,300
10th Hero 831,600
9th Hero 981,640
8th Hero 1,150,920
7th Hero 1,341,000
6th Hero 1,553,500
5th Hero 1,790,100
4th Hero 2,052,540
3rd Hero 2,342,620
2nd Hero 2,662,200
1st Hero 3,013,200
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