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You can send mail as a form of communication with other players. The mailbox is only available in town and can be opened by the hotkey "," or by clicking the Community icon on the bar at the bottom right portion of your screen.

The mailbox will have mail that you have received from other players. When you click the "Send Letter" button, a window will be opened where you enter the recipient's name and the message you wish to send to them. You also have the option of attaching items and/or money to the mail. However, attaching items to a mail will increase the mailing fee. If you wish to reply to a mail, simply click the "Reply" button in the mail.

You can also charge a fee to the mail to receive money from the recipient, making this an effective way of trading without having to be online at the same time and saves the hassle of locating the other person. You may set a return time for the letter in case the other player does not pay the fee for the item and the item will reappear in the mailbox if the fee is not paid within the return date. Note that you can only request gold as a fee, and there is no tax system on paying mail fees.

You can move items that have been mailed to you by pressing a button next to the item slots in the mail. Auction house items and money will be mailed to you if you successfully purchased an item, were outbid, sold an item or failed to sell within the posted deadline (a tax will be applied if the item was sold through the "Buy Now" option).

To delete a mail, click the delete button in the mail. Note that you cannot delete mail that have attachments to them (items or gold).

There is no expiring time on mail, and once it is in your mailbox it will not disappear (the exception is returned mail that has not had the fee paid by the recipient. However, the item will not disappear from the owner's mailbox once it is returned)


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