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Quest Template Example

Based off of Chesters' LaTale wiki quest template, just a general idea of what I had in mind.

[[Image:{{{NPC}}}.gif]] Name {{{Name}}} Level {{{Level}}}
NPC [[{{{NPC}}}]] Type {{{QuestType}}}
Location [[{{{Location}}}]]
Return to [[{{{Return}}}]] ([[{{{ReturnLoc}}}]])
Prereq. {{{Pre}}}
Request Rewards


  • {{{CombatExp}}} Combat Exp.
  • {{{Zeny}}} Zeny {{{Rupi}}} Rupi


Notes {{{Notes}}}

A New Day

Image:Emile.gif Name A New Day Level 1
NPC Emile Type Main
Location West Mt. Mjolnir
Return to Dean Wilfred (West Mr. Mjolnir)
Prereq. None.
Request Rewards
Notes {{{Notes}}}

Consumable Item Template Example

[[Image:{{{Food}}}.gif]] Name {{{Name}}} Level Req. {{{Level}}}
Resale Value {{{Zeny}}} Zeny {{{Rupi}}} Rupi Type {{{ItemType}}}
Duration {{{Duration}}} Cooldown {{{Cooldown}}}
Description {{{Description}}} Effects {{{Food Effects}}}
  • Recovers {{{HP}}} HP
  • Recovers {{{MP}}} SP
  • Temporarily adds {{{INT}}} INT
Obtained From {{{Obtained From}}}
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