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Pangya:Ice Spa

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Front Holes

Hole 1 Par 4

Use a 2w and pop it into the cannon. Personally i always put left curve and down spin on teh ball. You can also tomahawk this Hole of Ice Spa with a 3i or 2i. This usually leads to a Eagle putt.


Hole 2 Par 3

Before teeing off, take note of the wind. A lot of the time what ends up happening here is that people have underestimated a strong headwind on this hole, and when they hit normally or miss a special shot they bounce off the embankment in front of the green and into the water. This should be done for every downhill chip.

If you have a strength booster, this would be the hole to use it. The green on this hole is only a couple of meters below the tee, and depending on wind shouldn't be too hard to figure out. Your best bet would be to try to tomahawk your shot just over the hole and power backspin.

If shooting normally to the green, the wind can seriously mess up your shot other than the bounce into the water hazard mentioned earlier. A strong headwind, given that you clear the ice, can be a help as much as it can be a hinderance by directing your ball into the rough on the first bounce, slowing your ball down. A strong tailwind on the other hand can cause you to easily overshoot this green. (Something that can be done easily on just about any par 3 on this course.)

This green is easy to putt on except if you are on the far side of it, which contains a fairly large slope. Be prepared to get your tee shot on all par 3s as close to the cup as possible (if not in) as most par 3 greens on this course are hard.

--Moofey 18:34, 30 October 2008 (UTC)

Hole 3 Par 5

Off the tee, look to the right for a big ice patch with a water hazard in the middle of it. Aim just off the right side of the water (compensating for wind, of course) and if hit right, your ball should sail safely down the right side of this patch, within reach of the green for a modest eagle attempt.

If you choose to play it safe and take the fairway, take note of the wind. If off the tee you have a strong crosswind to the right, you could make it to the green in 2 if you have around 20 power. --Moofey 18:22, 30 October 2008 (UTC)

Alternatively, the large, farthest ice floe in the water hazard is snow (but the edges are bouncy ice). If you have high drive, and do not like taking chances with the ice, you can simply land here. Backspin/powerspin is good to use.

Hole 4 Par 4

Right off the tee, look for the chute to the right. Chances are the only surefire way to get up to the top of the chute would be to hit a tomahawk powerspin, although if you have enough in power and you have a bit of a headwind, you might be able to just make it with a regular power shot. Even if you miss, though, you'll likely end up back on the fairway with a decent amount of overdrive.

When going for the chute, try aiming for the right side of it. Experience for me has shown that if your ball ends up on the left side near the top, your ball will roll off the right side of the chute near the bottom and miss the green completely. Even if you do make the green, unless you manage to sink it for the hole in one you'll likely be faced with a hard eagle putt. --Moofey 18:10, 30 October 2008 (UTC)

Hole 5 Par 4

If you're a bad putter, you'll probably love this hole. The green on hole five is completely flat and is even surrounded by ice all around, allowing you to make long putts from as far as 70 yards out.

Off the tee, try to aim your shot so that it bounces off the embankment that you see straight ahead. (You could also try a cobra under the arch here but if you don't have much power, chances are your cobra will still ricochet off the bottom of the arch.) Hitting this right will bounce your ball off the embankment and towards (or just past) the green. A well-aimed spike easily hits the green.

As long as you're on the ice, you can make an easy putt without having to aim your shot. However, remember to adjust your power accordingly to make up for the fact that ice has very little friction.

--Moofey 18:16, 30 October 2008 (UTC)

Hole 6 Par 3

Hole 7 Par 4

Hole 8 Par 4

Hole 9 Par 5

Right off the tee, you can shortcut over the wall to the green if you're able to hit a spike (or possibly a tomahawk) over it. This makes the hole aceable, which being a par 5 would do wonders for your score if you're good enough, but if you're able to pull the spike off will at lead to an easy albatross putt.

If you're not going for the hole in one, aim your spike attempt a little bit to the left. That way if you miss, you can powercurve the ball around the wall on your next shot and still make the green for a birdie.

--Moofey 18:06, 30 October 2008 (UTC)

If you don't want to waste powershots (or rely on special shots) and have high power, the boundary between OB and the snow before the green is bouncy. Back/powerspin with 245 yds on a 2w will usually bounce, but varying winds and distances will change that. As with all bounce shots, the wind will greatly affect the ball.

Back Holes

Hole 10 Par 3

Hole 11 Par 4

A spike can usually get the ball to the green. Be sure to curve a bit if necessary to avoid the igloo (and watch the duck tee marker). For good power and/or strong tailwind, a simple backspin (no powerspin) that bounces on the ice can go fairly far and land on the green.

Hole 12 Par 5

Hole 13 Par 4

Off the right of the tee is yet another risky ice patch. For the most part, the water hazards are easily avoided if you shoot off to the right side, but depending on how your ball ricochets you could end up putting it into the middle hazard. You could try this way, but at the same time you likely won't make the green in one shot, although your second shot will be lower than if you took the fairway route instead.

There's also a funny little glitch on this hole: If you hit the right wall of the ice patch about 65-70 yards out, your ball will bounce off of it, then continue to bounce off the wall every foot or so until it gets to 60 yards. For people playing in a 30 minute tournament, this can be a real time eater.

--Moofey 18:27, 30 October 2008 (UTC)

Hole 14 Par 4

Hole 15 Par 3

Hole 16 Par 4

A spike/tomahawk with a spin mastery and max forwardspin powerspin goes to the green. The ball will go 3-4 squares left of where you aim. A 270 yd tomahawk generally reaches the farthest pins.

Hole 17 Par 4

Hole 18 Par 5

Pang Info

This is the amount of pang earned for a certain score per hole.

Par - 6 Pang

Birdie - 20 Pang

Eagle - 40 Pang

Albatross - 60 Pang

HIO - 60 Pang


Completion Bonus Pang
Holes/Players 2 Player 3 Player 4 Player
1 Hole 30 60 90
3 Holes 90 180 270
6 Holes 180 360 540
9 Holes 270 540 810
18 Holes 540 1080 1620
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