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English Lunia

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Welcome to MMOG's English Lunia Wiki! Lunia went live on October 7th under a brand new publisher. ijji! Enjoy Lunia, and help the Lunia Wiki to grow by adding in your own information.

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Want to help the Wiki, but don't know how? Take a stroll over to the help section. Feel free to experiment on your user page. If you still need help, check out the Lunia Wiki forum and ask us!

Skill Simulator

Need help on deciding on what to do with your lovely characters? Check out this Skill Simulator! Feel free to drop by to our Lunia Questions & Answers forum if you still need more help.

Bored of Your Background Music?

Check out this Play Lunia to Your Own Tune Guide!

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Check out Lunia Client Download & Registering!

About Lunia


An action-packed arcade game where you actually use your fingers and precise timing to land killer combos. Lunia combines the fun of an action arcade game with strategies and development of a MMORPG. Improve your skills while leveling up your character at the same time!


Rodesia Continent
The beginning of a Great Epic
The Rodesia Continent is a background of Lunia, and is home to humans, elves, hobbits, goblins, and trolls. While living in their territory in the Rodesia Continent, they often trade, fight, and interact with each other.
Different Guardian Deities
Each race worships different guardian deities. According to the mythology, the gods of Rodesia Continent created a race of their own to live in the Rodesia Continent. Humans were created by Lunia, Goddess of the Moon, who they serve as their guardian. Elves living in deep inside the forest were created by God of the Forest, Foriel. Hobbits living in affluence with delightful pleasure were created by God of Prosperity, Ceres. Orcs living in barren land of the lazy plains of herds were created by God of the Prairie, Wyldur. It is believed that the gods provide divine love and protection to the races they have created. In return, they need their race to worship them to order to maintain their divine power.
Start of the Conflict
Each race and civilization began to develop their own ideas and beliefs. They dedicated themselves to worshiping their own gods, asking and praying for more power. It seemed like some races and civilizations were more blessed than others. This started to cause jealousy and conflict between the races. Continue reading...

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