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Sieg Helmont
Image:LU Sieg Helmont.jpg
Basic Info
Age: 17 Height: 175 cm
Class: Knight Type: Starter Character
Does not need to be unlocked to be played.


Class Summary

Specialized in : Tanking and Melee Combat
Pros of Sieg

  • Combo Potential
  • High HP and Def
  • Well-round

Cons of Sieg

  • A difficult class to master
  • Lack of Long Range Skills
  • Long skill cool-down


Background Story

Sieg is a pure-hearted but hot-tempered seventeen-year-old lad. His father experienced many adventures as the leader of a famous mercenary group. Sieg takes a journey to solve a riddle and to see a legendary dragon called "Kseidon;" both of which his father once told him about. Sieg is usually a simple minded and pleasant person, but becomes very dangerous when upset. He's skilled in delivering a shower of blows with two handed swords.

Class Type

A character suitable for "action gamers" who like speedy, continuous attacks, as this is what Sieg specializes in. Also, he's easy to combo with. Sieg can also be considered a "tank," the front-line soldier that keeps enemies concentrated on himself rather than rest of the party.

Stat Growth

Str Dex Vit Int
Level 1 22 10 26 12
Per Level 2.4 2.2 2.4 2.6


Knight Skills
Strike Crosscut
Counter Attack
Iron Hammer
Destruction Fist
Finishing Blow
Sky Slashing

Sword Crescent Moon Sword
Hurricane Sword
Thunder Sound
Whirling Sword
Flash Fate
Whirlwind Wave

Charge Kicking
Wind Kick
Whirlpool Sword
Flying Dragon Sword
Infinity Meteor Sword

Bless Magic Defense
Rage Explosion
Protective Fortitude
Playing Dead

Ability Increase Health
Deadly Blow
Mana Recovery
Minimize the Damage
Increase Mana

For a listing of Sieg's skills, refer to Sieg Skills.

Sieg's skills are classified into 5 groups: Strike, Sword, Charge, Bless, and Ability. Most of Sieg's skills are quick melee or short-ranged attacks. He also possesses several abilities that can be used to avoid damage, giving him excellent abilities to survive close combat. His Bless skills are mostly self-only, although he does have the ability to support his party by drawing the attention of enemies.

All characters in Lunia receieve 1 Skill Point per level, plus an additional Skill Point every 4 levels (4, 8, 12, etc.), up to the level cap of 99.


Main Simple Combos

Image:LU Main Simple Combo.png

Combos Without Skills

Image:LU Knight Combo 1.jpg

Combos With Skills

Image:LU Knight Combo 2.jpg

Combos from Practice Field

Image:LU Sieg Combos Practice Field.jpg

"Official" combos. It's actually possible to chain different sequences together to form combos not on this list.

Hints & Tips

  • If you press S then dash right away, you can change the direction you are headed1
  • If you press A+S together while dashing, you can sidestep to your left1
  • If you press A+Space while dashing you attack then sidestep to your right1

See Also

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