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Pets for everyone

  • Find summon-item in secret area (normal stages only, not raid stages)
  • Right mouse click on summon-item

  • Pets can't move except Dacys' pets and Snowman
  • Summon-item will disappear when you exit the stage
  • They may cause glitches or can exploit the weakness of an enemy by their long range attacks.

Summon Items

Image:LU Pet icon.jpg Split Tree Seeds (Episode 1)

Image:LU Pet icon2.jpg Summon Snowman Jewel (Episode 2)

Image:LU Pet icon3.jpg Angry Cactus Seeds (Episode 3)

Image:LU Pet icon4.jpg Cannon Tree Seeds (Episode 4)

Henry the Cannon (Episode 5)

Episode 1

Image:LU Pet_ep1.jpg

Episode 2

Image:LU Pet_ep2.jpg

Episode 3

Image:LU Pet_ep3.jpg

Episode 4

Image:LU Pet_ep4.jpg

Dacy's Doll Skills

Image:LU Dacy_DollSkill.jpg

icon_60860109.jpg Domadal, lvl 2+

icon_60860110.jpg Wari, lvl 10+

icon_60860111.jpg Francoise, lvl 20+

icon_60860112.jpg Veni, lvl 30+

icon_60860113.jpg Catchvee, lvl 40+

icon_60860114.jpg Pandano, lvl 50+

Reagents for Dacy's dolls

icon_22441375.jpg Spool, Lunia:Accessory Shop's price: 5 for 10C

icon_22441374.jpg Needle, Lunia:Accessory Shop's price: 5 for 50C


Image:LU 6Pets.jpg


Image:LU Dacy_Doll_1.jpg


Image:LU Dacy_DollSkill_1.jpg

  • Order Doll to attack
  • Default key: [Insert]

Image:LU Dacy_DollSkill_2.jpg

  • Bring Doll close to player's character
  • Default key: [Home]

Image:LU Dacy_DollSkill_3.jpg

  • Order Doll to defend
  • Default key: [PageUp]

Image:LU Dacy_DollSkill_4.jpg

  • Restore Doll's HP
  • Default key: [Delete]

Image:LU Dacy_DollSkill_5.jpg

  • Make Doll disappeare
  • Default key: [End]


  • Change Doll's position

Image:LU Dacy_DollSkill_1.jpg

Image:LU Dacy_DollSkill_1b.jpg

Image:LU Dacy_DollSkill_1c.jpg

Image:LU Dacy_DollSkill_1d.jpg

Pets at Cash Shops

See Lunia: Pet Items

In the Korean Lunia Test version, pets that can be bought at cash shops have been released. There are 9 kinds of pets: 3 dogs, 3 rabbits, 3 pigs. Cats give a buff for strength and give you additional critical strike chances, dogs give health buffs and additional critical strike chances while rabbits give intellect buffs as well as magic critical hit chances. They are still under development which means they could turn out differently in the end. Pet's have arrived at Ijji Lunia.

Image:LU Pet window.jpg

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