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Warrior Knight Wizard Explorer Engineer Soul Breaker
Warlord Blader Templar Guardian Sorcerer Bard Treasure Hunter Gunslinger Meister Soul Reaver
Dragoon Strider Holy Order Saint Elemental Master Minstrel Ruin Walker Duelist Engistar Soul Lord
Hero Blade Master Savior Sefirot Archmage Pop Star Wind Stalker Der Freischutz Swordian Soulless One
Highlander Sword Dancer Terror Knight Psy Kicker Phantom Mage Maestro Rogue Master Judgement Star Seeker none

Job Tree

Basic Job Second Job
(level 50)
Third Job
(level 100)
Fourth Job
(level 170)
Image:Warrior Icon.gif Warrior

Image:Warlord Icon.gif Warlord

Image:Dragoon Icon.gif Dragoon

Image:Dragoon Icon.gif Hero
Image:Blader Icon.gif Blader Image:Strider Icon.gif Strider Image:Strider Icon.gif Blade Master


Warriors deal great damage in close combat. They can use two-handed swords and spears.

Slash your enemies with ultimate rage!

Warriors may advance to Warlord or Blader.


For more information see Warrior Skills.
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