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Table of Contents:

  1. NPC Category
  2. NPC Template

NPC Category

See Category:NPC

NPCs are divided into categories, which are separated into the towns that they reside in. NPCs that exist in multiple towns should be added to all of the applying town categories.

  • Note, that Event NPCs only belong in the Event NPCs category. Even if they reside in (for example) City of Elias during its event, it does not belong there for Wiki organizational purposes.

In-depth boxes (with NPC art on the left) shall be included for each town category. Each cell of the table consists of one map, listing all the NPCs that are in that map from left to right.

Boxes should have a total of 6 cells per row (3 images, 3 informational). Any additional cells needed shall go onto a new row.

Surrounding maps that are not part of the main town, but still have NPCs, shall be included into the box, with a small header of "Surrounding Area" at the top of the cell. Also, all Stones of Iris (or similar stones) shall be marked similarly as "Save Locations," linking to the name of the Stone (Iris, Kazno, etc.) Locations with that type of stone are linked underneath.

Town images (for the most part) are all 32x32 pixels. Common illustrations include:

  • Image:Town Building.gif Town Building
  • Image:Town Portal.gif Town Portal
  • Image:Stone of Iris.gif Stone of Iris

Blank Template

==Non-Player Characters (NPCs) in ''Town''==
{| style="background:inherit;" cellpadding=2 cellspacing=2 width=100%
|''<small>[[:Category:NPC|← Return to overall NPC category.]]</small>''
{| class="wikitable"
|[[Image:Town Name.gif]]
|width="33%" valign=top|'''[[Town Name]]''
|[[Image:Town Building.gif]]
|width="33%" valign=top|'''[[Town Map 1]]'''
|[[Image:Town Portal.gif]]
|width="33%" valign=top|'''[[Town Map 2]]'''
|[[Image:Surrounding Area.gif]]
|valign=top|''<small>Surrounding Area</small>''
'''[[Map Name]]'''
|align=center|[[Image:Stone of Iris.gif]]
|valign=top|''<small>Save Locations</small>''
'''[[Stone of Iris]]''


Example Template

Non-Player Characters (NPCs) in Belos

← Return to overall NPC category.
Belos NPCs
Image:City of Belos.gif City of Belos Image:Town Building.gif Belos Traveler's Bar Image:Town Building.gif Belos Inn
Image:Town Building.gif Belos Weapon Shop Image:Town Portal.gif Belos Town Portal
Image:Toma's Event.gif Surrounding Area

Toma's Event

Image:Training Field.gif Surrounding Area

Newbie Training Area

Image:Stone of Iris.gif Save Locations

Stone of Iris

NPC Template

See Template:NPC

Blank Template


[[Category:__TOWN__ NPC|{{PAGENAME}}]]
The NPC's name here. This affects the image.
The wiki category that the NPC belongs to.
Category2 (+)
Additional spaces if NPC is in multiple categories.
The map in which the NPC resides in.
Location2 (+)
Additional spaces if NPC is in multiple areas.
The coordinates of the NPC (found through the World Map view of the town).
Coords2 (+)
Additional spaces if NPC is in multiple areas.
The brief description of the NPC (generally found through the World Map).
Unique function of the NPC that provides players a certain utility. Available functions added to wiki (type one of these into blank):
Second spot for NPC function. See above.
A list of the quests the NPC offers. Use #'s (instead of *'s) to create the list.
A catalog of the items that an NPC can offer for sale. Create multiple lines in the following fashion, shown in the example. (Amount|Name|Price). Put Yes after Store to activate the field. Use semicolons to separate prices.
|1, 10|Red Umbrella|4,000; 40,000
|1, 10, 99|Large Potion|19; 190; 1,899
A list of items exchangable through this NPC. Type Yes to this and then add the following lines (shown below).
The items that are required to get one of the items to be taken.
The items that are to be taken. Type ''All of the following:'' or ''One of the following:'' .
Given2 (+)
For additional exchangeable items.
Received2 (+)
For additional exchangeable items.
Any additional information that should be noted.
The last few lines is for adding the page to the NPC category. Make sure to edit the __TOWN__ part.

Example Template

|Location=City of Belos
|Summary=Sales clerk of Belos Misc. Item Shop. You can get various recovery potions and warp capsules.
#[[Good Equipment for an Adventure]]
#[[Hidden Client]]
|Function1=Item Trade
|Function2=Upgrade Capsule
|1, 10, 99|Lesser Potion|11; 110; 1,089
|1, 10, 99|Potion|25; 250; 2,475
|1, 10, 99|Lesser SP Potion|15; 150; 1,485
|1, 10, 99|SP Potion|33; 330; 3,267
|1, 10, 99|Lesser Combo Potion|44; 440; 4,356
|1, 10, 99|Combo Potion|97; 970; 9,603
|1, 10|Stone of Iris Fragment|100; 1,000
|1, 10|Belos Warp Capsule|500; 5,000
|1, 10|Elias Warp Capsule|800; 8,000
|1|4 Slot Shop Opening License|5,500
|1|Book of Skill Reset|100,000
|1, 10|Iron Will|50,000; 500,000

[[Category:Belos NPC|{{PAGENAME}}]]


Esther (Belos)

Location: City of Belos (3585,1435)
Sales clerk of Belos Misc. Item Shop. You can get various recovery potions and warp capsules.
Item Trade:
Players can purchase the selected items from the NPC (items shown below). In addition, players can sell unwanted items for Ely.
Upgrade Capsule:
This NPC sells upgrade capsules which enable players to upgrade their current weapons into stronger versions, while still maintaining their bonus stats. For information on the capsules and their prices, see Upgrade Capsule List.
Quests given by this NPC:
  1. Good Equipment for an Adventure
  2. Hidden Client
Items sold by this NPC:
Amount Name Price
1, 10, 99 Image:Lesser Potion.gif Lesser Potion 11; 110; 1,089
1, 10, 99 Image:Potion.gif Potion 25; 250; 2,475
1, 10, 99 Image:Lesser SP Potion.gif Lesser SP Potion 15; 150; 1,485
1, 10, 99 Image:SP Potion.gif SP Potion 33; 330; 3,267
1, 10, 99 Image:Lesser Combo Potion.gif Lesser Combo Potion 44; 440; 4,356
1, 10, 99 Image:Combo Potion.gif Combo Potion 97; 970; 9,603
1, 10 Image:Stone of Iris Fragment.gif Stone of Iris Fragment 100; 1,000
1, 10 Image:Belos Warp Capsule.gif Belos Warp Capsule 500; 5,000
1, 10 Image:Elias Warp Capsule.gif Elias Warp Capsule 800; 8,000
1 Image:4 Slot Shop Opening License.gif 4 Slot Shop Opening License 5,500
1 Image:Book of Skill Reset.gif Book of Skill Reset 100,000
1, 10 Image:Iron Will.gif Iron Will 50,000; 500,000
No items can be exchanged from this NPC.
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