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Category:Valley of Kings Quest

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These are the quests that start in the Valley of Kings region.


Quests by Level Quests by Region Quests by Type
Central Continent
Limestone Mtn. Tranquil Hill Rainbowfall Forest
Goss Mountains Beluga Bay Wetlands
Valley of Kings Avila Volcano Golden Plains
Arid Wilds Delphi Forest Blackflame Peak
Southwestern Continent
Fegeral Valley Sunset Desert Skyreach Jungle


Reach Deep Into the Valley of Kings


The Valley I The Valley II The Valley III The Valley IV The Valley V

The Unknown Poison I The Unknown Poison II The Unknown Poison III The Unknown Poison IV The Unknown Poison V

Bewitched Shells I Bewitched Shells II Bewitched Shells III Bewitched Shells IV Bewitched Shells V


Derek's Troubles Report to:

Gladiator Derek


Collect (15) "Stone" from "Valley Sentinel."


954 silver
Valley Sentinel Exp: Char - 406/Class - 102 x 37 = Char - 1,5022/Class - 3,774
Quest Exp: Char - 48,039
Total Exp: Char - 63,601/Class - 3,774
Witness of Prosperity Fame: 180


This information is based upon a one-time playthrough of this quest. The drop rate for any collected items, and thus the total experience acquired, may vary. No buffs were used to increase the amount of experience gained. Dalia Tower War Find the Stolen Tinder

Shrinking Potion Germ Carriers Bug Eggs Everywhere Worm Trap

Capture Carmela Information Whack the Moles Put Down Those Antiques Lament for the Ruins



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