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Wanted: Ketak

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Wanted: Ketak

Open the Book Level Region
Wanted: Ketak (Notice)
Wanted: Ketak (Notice)
Lv.14 Tranquil Hill
Prerequisites Unlock
None None
Report to Objectives
Defeat Ketak
Defeat Quade
Defeat 15x Eagle Gang Hunter
Defeat 15x Eagle Gang Leader
Defeat 15x Eagle Gang Fighter
Collect 1x Wanted: Ketak (Notice)
Rewards Fame EXP
None 374 Silver Guild 20 5,809
All monsters are found in Fort Verdure, Tranquil Hill's dungeon: Ketak (Lv.14) is found at X:298 Y:168, Quade (Lv.14) is found at X:170 Y:230, Eagle Gang Hunter (Lv.13) is found around X:? Y:?, Eagle Gang Leader (Lv.13) is found around X:? Y:?, and Eagle Gang Fighter (Lv.13) is found around X:? Y:?.
Wanted: Ketak (Notice)
Wanted: Ketak

Posted by: Seabell, Tranquil Hill

Tranquil Hill has always been a peaceful resort, and has welcomed countless tourists. Tourism is a significant part of Seabell's economy. To keep our prestige our guards have been working diligently to protect the beauty of our lands.

Recently, the guards have received a large amount of reports from the tourists. Most of the reports are about robberies. After investigations, the guards have confirmed the crimes were done by the Eagle Gang.

The town council had a thorough discussion of the issue, and the town decided to offer a part of its revenue as reward to hire mercenaries. The leader of Eagle Gang must be taken down.

Reports show the location of Eagle Gang leader, Ketak and his troops. We are hiring all able mercenaries to bring them to justice.

If you are interested, please contact Mayor of Seabell Spence.

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