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Lover System

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How to Become Sweethearts

When you develop romantic feelings for someone, you should proclaim your love loudly. Both individuals need to be single to become sweethearts. Simply right-click the head panel of the person you're interested in, confess your love, and hope to be accepted ("Dating Invitation"). If the person accepts your love, congratulations on becoming sweethearts! If you're refused, keep cool, or you may end up despised.

The Benefits of Becoming Sweethearts

When you have a sweetheart, press the 'O' hotkey to open the Couple panel. Proclaim your adoration on the sweetheart message board. You'll obtain Love Coins Love Coins for every 7 days you maintain your affections (depending on both of your levels). If you accumulate 20 Achievement Points together, you'll also receive a Love Coin. You can exchange Love Coins for items in Love Oracle Dia's Sweetheart Shop.

Breaking Up Isn't Hard to Do

Consider breaking up carefully. Once you lose sweetheart status, all your accumulated Love Coins and records will disappear and cannot be restored. You cannot open the Couple UI or use sweetheart skills. Of course, the skills are still there. But they can only be used when you have a sweetheart again. The one who initiates the breakup cannot join a new sweetheart for 24 hours.

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