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Hiding Venom Bug

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Hiding Venom Bug

Image Type Level Stars Aggression Summoned
Hiding Venom Bug
Elite Monster 8 1 Star Aggresive No
Angor Quarry
Weakness Quests
Common Skills
Icon Skill Cost Cooldown Cast Time Description
Bloody Attack Bloody Attack 48 MP 4 seconds Instant Increases P-ATK +139 points. Has a 50% chance to strike an enemy 2 more times.
Countdown Skills

Common Drops
Name Use
Swordmaster Tunic Swordmaster Tunic Heavy Armor for Body (Lv.8)
Woven Bracers Woven Bracers Cloth Armor for Hands (Lv.8)
Swordmaster Boots Swordmaster Boots Heavy Armor for Legs (Lv.8)
Broad Axe Broad Axe Axe (Lv.5)
HP Potion I HP Potion I Recovery: 151-161 HP
MP Potion I MP Potion I Recovery: 151-161 MP
Power Scroll Lv20 Power Scroll Lv20 Fortify: Weapons until Lv.20
Guard Scroll Lv20 Guard Scroll Lv20 Fortify: Armor and Shields until Lv.20
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