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Asbee Crystal

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Asbee Crystal

Asbee Crystal

Misc Item
Required Cooldown Quality
Level 0 Instant Green
These small stones can be collected anywhere but the Friendly Wave Research Center goes to great pains to gather them. After you collect them, you can go to the following locations to find the members from Friendly Wave Research Center to get rewards:
Lv11-20: Intern - Tranquil Hill (317,306)
Lv21-30: Researcher - Goss Mountains (342,150)
Lv31-40: Sr. Researcher - Wetlands (427,196)
Lv41-50: Ld. Researcher - Golden Plains (435,309)
Lv51+: Director - Blackflame Peak (383,96)
How to Obtain
Possible chest reward in Tranquil Hill, Goss Mountains, Wetlands, Golden Plains, Blackflame Peak.
Used for
Exchange for Delicate Gift Bag with Intern in Seabell, Tranquil Hill (x3); Association's Gift Box with Researcher in Cenana, Goss Mountains (x?); Delicate Thank-You Gift with Sr. Researcher in Wayward Camp, Wetlands (x?); Research's Delicate Gift with Ld. Researcher in Golden City, Golden Plains (x?); Research's Gift of Praise with Director in Anvil, Blackflame Peak (x?).
Bind Trade Mail
No Yes Yes
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