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This is GOBARTA!!

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This is GOBARTA!!

File:Crusher Kuses Quest 1.jpg
This is GOBARTA!!
NPC Crusher Kuses Location
Level 10 - 31
Prerequisite Complete This is Madness!.
  1. You successfully defeated the Gobartan Goblins at Gormoville Valley. Talk to Gobxes at Carderock Pass.

    Carderock Pass -> Gobxes
  2. Gobxes keeps repeating himself, telling you to defeat Goblinidas at Gormoville Valley. Might as well try that...

    Carderock Pass -> Gormoville Valley
  3. You defeated Goblinidas. Return to Carderock Pass and talk to Gobxes.

    Carderock Pass -> Gobxes
1565 Experience Points
0 Gold 50 Silver 0 Copper

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