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Minotaur Nest

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Minotaur's Nest
Image:Minotaur's Nest_1.png
Entrance: Minotaur Nest
Location: Autumn Shore
Level Range: Level 24 ~ 24
Number of Stages: 1
Boss: General Ummanba



The Minotaur Nest is one of several Nest Dungeons in Dragon Nest. This dungeon contains dangerous minotaurs along with some of their allies. The waves come one after another, and each wave is a large mob which can be very dangerous.

This dungeon is sealed off to people who haven't unlocked the quest for it (Red Alert).


  1. May only be played on the Abyss Level. A full party of 4 is highly recommended.
  2. No pots can be consumed. MP cash shop pots and potions purchased from May (HP or MP) are excluded from this rule.
  3. Players will be able to resurrect a maximum of 5 times.
  4. A Red Army Commander Seal is required for entry.


  1. Entrance path: 2 Minotaurs
  2. Round one: Large mob of Minotaurs, roughly 10, some armoured.
  3. Round two: Larger mob, same combination of armoured and non-armoured.
  4. Round three: Minotaurs, (Red) Orc Warrior, (Blue) Orc Mage, 4 Brethren Shaman
  5. Round four: 2 miniboss Minotaurs and 2 dark elves with special attacks
  6. Round five: General Ummanba


  1. One map consisting of a large path leading to an arena like zone.


  1. Round 1 and 2 are fairly straight-forward.
  2. Round 3: The mages' lightning bolts will hit for a few thousand damage, it is imperative you avoid these.
  3. Round 3: Blue Orc will occasionally cast heal, undoing all the work you've done, in small parties, he should be your primary target
  4. Round 4: The dark elves have special abilities, one will cast a haste buff (glowing red during cast phase), the other will cast an AoE slow debuff, which will almost always hit you (glows blue during cast phase). Hit them with a move that will make them flinch to cancel the casting.
  5. Round 4: When a dark elf is killed, another will take its place. Avoid wasting time trying to kill them.


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