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In-Game Tips List

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The In-Game Tips are often seen scrolling down the bottom of the screen (if enabled) or while the screen is loading. Some of these tips are actually useful, while others remind you of basic information, such as what hotkey is what menu.


Non-Combat Tips


  • Press [Ctrl] to toggle the mouse between camera control and cursor control.
  • Press [Esc] to change your System Settings and Game Settings.
  • Press [Tab] to toggle between combat mode and standby mode.
  • Press [P] to open your Character window.
  • Press [I] to open your Inventory window.
  • Press [U] to open your Quest Log.
  • Press [O] to open your Social window. You can create or join parties from this window.
  • Press [M] to open your map. You can zoom out to the world map from there.
  • Press [K] to open the Skill window.
  • Press [H] key to view default controls.
  • Press [PrintScreen] to save a screenshot of the game.
  • Press [Scroll Lock] to record and save video files.
  • Want a clutter-free screenshot or video? Press [Ctrl] + [PrintScreen] to hide the graphical user interface.
  • To change your mouse sensitivity, use the square bracket keys: [ and ].
  • Press [Enter] to activate the chat window and chat with other players.
  • When you want to chat with only your party, type /p into the chat log before you message.
  • To send a private whisper to someone, type /w (username) before your message.
  • To reply to a whisper, type /r before your message.
  • The Quest Helper arrows will show you where you need to go to complete your quests.
  • Skills and consumable items can be dragged to the quickslot bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Drag a gesture from the Gesture tab of your Inventory window [I] and drop it in a quickslot to assign it.
  • In combat mode, your quickslots will contain skills and items. In standby mode, your quickslots will contain gestures.
  • Skills and items assigned to your quickslots can be accessed by pressing the corresponding numbers on your keyboard.
  • Quickslot hotkeys can be set in the Controls section of the Settings menu.
  • Use the [~] key to toggle between the quickslot bars.
  • While in a party, press [F1]-[F10] to access your quickphrases and send a preset message to your party.
  • Party leaders can run a ready check to make sure all party members are ready to go.
  • While in a party, set a loot threshold. Items that drop that are above that threshold will be randomly distributed.
  • While in a party, items that drop that are below the loot threshold will be distributed based on loot rules set by the party leader.
  • When an item that cannot be traded drops, loot rules are disregarded and dice are rolled to determine who gets the item.
  • You gain a Consecutive Party Bonus when your party clears consecutive dungeons. This bonus can be gained up the three times.
  • You get a Friend Bonus when a friend from your Friend List is in your party.
  • Your Friend Bonus and Consecutive Party Bonus are combined and shown under Event EXP.
  • Hover your mouse over a nearby character and left-click to make a party, friend, or trade request.
  • Hover your mouse over a nearby NPC and left-click to access their Trade, Chat, Quest, and other menus.
  • Bound items cannot be traded with other characters.
  • When moving items into storage, press [Shift] while you right-click to store multiple items at once.
  • Hold [Shift] and right-click to sell a stack of items at once.
  • Hold [Shift] and left-click to divide stacked items.

Basic Info

  • To move to a different channel, press [Esc] and choose the [Change Channel] option.
  • To move to a different channel, press [Ctrl] to change to cursor control and then click [Change Channel] at the upper-right of the screen.
  • Intellect controls your max MP.
  • Increasing your Intellect increases your Magic Damage.
  • Skills cost a percentage of your base MP. To ensure you always have enough MP to use your skills, equip items with Intellect, MP Recovery, and Max MP boosts.
  • Increase your Vitality to increase your max HP, Physical Damage, and Stun Resist.
  • Increasing your Strength increases your Physical Damage and Stun Chance.
  • Increasing your Agility increases your Physical Damage, Critical Chance, and Critical Resist.
  • Remember to learn new skills from your class trainer!
  • To improve your skills, you must use Skill Points (SP), which you earn when your level increases.
  • More dungeons will become available as your level increases!
  • One dungeon hub may lead to multiple dungeons. You'll have to manually pick which dungeon you wish to enter.
  • Clearing dungeons at higher difficulties yields better items and EXP.
  • When you clear a dungeon with a specific grade on normal difficulty, you'll unlock that dungeon's hard difficulty mode.
  • When you clear a dungeon with a specific grade on hard difficulty, you'll unlock that dungeon's master difficulty mode.
  • When you clear a dungeon with a specific grade on master difficulty, you'll unlock that dungeon's abyss difficulty mode.
  • In some dungeons, the Abyss difficulty mode must be unlocked by completing a quest.
  • When you're Empowered by the dragons, you gain bonus EXP from dungeons.
  • For extra EXP, make sure you're in a channel suitable for your level range.
  • You consume Empowerment Points (PWR) every time you enter a new stage in a dungeon.
  • Empowerment Points are not consumed in the Arena or the Dark Lair.
  • When playing in a party, your Empowerment Points will not be consumed as quickly.
  • When you're a spirit, you cannot roll on loot.
  • If you change channels while in a party, you'll automatically leave the party.
  • Repair equipment with low durability by speaking to a Blacksmith and selecting Repair.
  • You'll have to pay a fee to create crests, craft items, and enhance your equipment.
  • Even when you fail while crafting items, enhancing equipment, or creating crests, all the materials required for the process will be consumed.
  • When you fail to enhance items of a certain rank, there's a chance that the item will be destroyed.
  • Talk to the Blacksmith in town to craft items or enhance your items.
  • Defeat bosses to get advanced crafting materials.
  • Find Extractors, devices that allow you to extract crafting materials from items, outside towns.
  • To get materials for crafting, collect dungeon drops and process unneeded items in the Extractor.
  • Except in rare cases, only weapons, armor, and accessories can be processed through an Extractor.
  • Extract materials from items you don't need to get lustres used for crafting and enhancing.
  • To enhance an item, you'll need the lustre that corresponds to the class that uses the item.
  • The Crest Scholar in town can create a crest out of a plate and a lustre.
  • Each plate requires a specific lustre. The Crest Scholar will let you know which lustre you need.
  • Equip a crest you've made to gain access to a new skill.
  • Equip items from the same set to gain a 'set bonus.'
  • Ruby Lustres are used to craft and enhance Warrior items.
  • Sapphire Lustres are used to craft and enhance Archer items.
  • Obsidian Lustres are used to craft and enhance Sorceress items.
  • Topaz Lustres are used to craft and enhance Cleric items.
  • Diamond Lustres are used to craft and enhance advanced items.
  • Onyx Lustre is used to craft and enhance items.
  • Your farm is accessible from Saint's Haven.
  • Seeds for farming and recipes can be purchased from Farm Manager Mori.
  • You need a recipe before you can cook any dishes.
  • Each cooking recipe requires different ingredients. Basic recipes require farmed crops and fish broth.
  • Fish that you get from fishing can be made into broth, which is a key ingredient in many dishes.
  • Fish broth can be created through cooking.

Combat Related

  • Some skills enable you to deliver consecutive strikes on airborne and knocked down enemies.
  • Right-click a knocked down enemy to perform a knockdown attack.
  • Some enemies attack while they're getting back on their feet after being knocked down.
  • Bounce enemies off walls to chain combo attacks on them!
  • Certain actions cast the Super Armor buff on you. Super Armor grants increased protection against enemy attacks.
  • Super Armor can be whittled away by powerful or consecutive attacks.
  • Enemy shields can be destroyed with consecutive attacks.
  • Enemy shields and items like destructible chests take more damage from melee attacks than from ranged attacks.
  • Some enemies react to melee and long-ranged attacks differently.
  • Some enemies will attack you with a powerful skill when you're knocked down.
  • If you roll after being knocked down, you'll be temporarily safe from enemy attacks.
  • When knocked down, double tap a directional key to roll as you get back on your feet.
  • Right-click when knocked down to perform a rising attack.
  • Press [Shift] plus a directional key, [W], [S], [A], or [D], to dodge enemy attacks.
  • Double tap a directional key, [W], [S], [A], or [D], to dodge enemy attacks.
  • When your crosshair turns red over an enemy, that means the enemy within your attack range.
  • Right-click to use a variety of special attacks in combat.
  • Sorceresses can press and hold the left mouse button to charge their basic attacks.
  • Warriors, Archers, and Clerics can press and hold the left mouse button to perform consecutive basic attacks.
  • Critical hits deal more damage than normal hits.
  • Press [F] to loot items.
  • Press [E] to auto-run. Press [E] again to stop.
  • If your character gets stuck, type /escape to be moved to your previous location.
  • Some Fire Magic attacks cause you to burn, setting you on fire and dealing continuous fire damage.
  • Decrease the damage you take while burning by increasing your Fire Resist.
  • Poisonous attacks make you turn green and deal continuous damage on you.
  • Decrease the damage you take while poisoned by increasing your Dark Resist.
  • Some Light Magic attacks electrocute you, immobilizing you once every five seconds.
  • Decrease your chance of getting electrocuted by increasing your Light Resist.
  • Some Ice Magic attacks gradually freeze you, slowing down your movement.
  • Some Ice Magic attacks freeze you into a block of ice, preventing you from moving.
  • Decrease the duration of freeze by increasing your Ice Resist and by rapidly clicking your left and right mouse buttons.
  • You deal extra damage to frozen enemies, but they also deal more damage to you when you're frozen.
  • Stars circle above the heads of stunned characters. Stunned characters cannot perform any actions.
  • Leaving a dungeon without clearing it decreases your equipment's durability.
  • When your armor breaks, your Defense decreases. Find a Blacksmith to repair your gear.
  • When your weapon breaks, your Physical Damage decreases. Find a Blacksmith to repair your weapon.
  • Swords have a fast attack speed and a wide range.
  • Axes have a normal attack speed and can hit multiple enemies at once.
  • Hammers attack slowly but can launch enemies and inflict powerful downward strikes.
  • Gauntlets are large gloves that assist you in your attacks.
  • Shortbows have a fast attack speed but a small range of only 4.5 meters.
  • Longbows have a slow attack speed but a long range of 7.5 meters. Every third arrow gains a piercing effect as well.
  • Crossbows have a range of 6 meters and can fire three arrows rapidly, but then require a short reload time before the next attack.
  • Quivers hold your arrows!
  • Sorceress off-hand books increase Intellect. When used as a special attack, you'll slap your enemy around with the book.
  • Sorceress off-hand crystal balls increase Magic Damage. When used as a special attack, the orb circles around you, attacking enemies.
  • Sorceress off-hand dolls increase MP Recovery. When used as a special attack, the doll will exude a cloud of darkness to attack ranged enemies.
  • Staves are magical weapons that grant Magic Damage.
  • Maces have short range but can attack quickly.
  • Flails have long range and can launch enemies into the air, but they are also slow.
  • Wands are magical weapons that shoot lightning bolts as regular attacks.
  • Shields block enemy attacks.
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