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Enhancement is a system that adds stats to equipment. Not all equipment can be enhanced. Enhancement will add a numbered prefix to the name of the item, increasing with each successful enhancement (+1, +2, +3, etc.) The bonus stats added from each enhancement increases exponentially. From +6 onwards, the equipment and/or the materials has a chance of failing and being destroyed. Rare equipment have a chance of deleveling from +6 onward.

The enhancement level of an equipment will carry over to its crafted counterpart.

The maximum level of enhancement for items of normal (white) and magic (green) grade is +12.

Enhancement can be done at the blacksmith, and will require a type of onyx based on the level of the item.

Enhancement Level Success Probability Break Probability
+1 100% 0%
+4 80%
+5 60%
+6 50%
+7 45% 25%
+8 40%
+9 35%
+10 30%
+11 25%
+12 15%
+13 10%
+14 5%
+15 1%


Geodes are items that allow players to upgrade an item to a certain enhancement level, bypassing the normal enhancement system. The item cannot fail this enhancement, and will have its enhancement level set to the specified level noted on the geode. Geodes have a rarity requirement, and may have an enhancement level requirement in order to be used on an item.

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