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Birth of Abyss I

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Birth of Abyss I

File:Gunther Quest 1.jpg
Birth of Abyss I
NPC Gunther Location
Level 31 Saint's Haven
Prerequisite None
  1. It seems like Abyss is also occurred nearby Saint's Haven. Ask Stashy about the detail.

    Saint's Haven -> Stashy
  2. Defeat head of monsters at each Abyss region and collect mutated lustres.

    Port Hermalte(Black Mines) -> Black Mines
    Black Mountain Foothills(Lonely Forest Path) -> Rockthorn Gorge
    Port Hermalte(Charter Ship) -> Desolate Isle
    Black Mountain Foothills(Black Sovereign Gates) -> Black Sovereign Domain
    Port Hermalte(Black Mines) -> Lost Tunnels
  3. Deliver collected mutated lustres to Stashy.

    Saint's Haven -> Stashy
160453 Experience Points
0 Gold 70 Silver 19 Copper
  Choice 1 (Warrior)   Choice 2 (Warrior)
3 Average Onyx 1 Average Ruby
  Choice 1 (Archer)   Choice 2 (Archer)
3 Average Onyx 1 Average Sapphire
  Choice 1 (Sorceress)   Choice 2 (Sorceress)
3 Average Onyx 1 Average Obsidian
  Choice 1 (Cleric)   Choice 2 (Cleric)
3 Average Onyx 1 Average Topaz
Notes Continues on to the quest "Birth of Abyss II".

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