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Argenta's Slave (Quest)

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Argenta's Slave

File:Argenta Quest 1.jpg
Argenta's Slave
NPC Argenta Location
Level 22 Carderock Pass
Prerequisite Complete Everybody Loves David.
Complete The Awakened Guardian.
  1. You hear there's strange rumor spreading about you in Carderock Pass. Go to Deckard and find out about this rumor.

    Carderock Pass -> Deckard
  2. Seems like it's true there's a strange rumor spreading. Go to Rupert and find out more about the rumor.

    Carderock Pass -> Rupert
  3. Since May knows all the rumors in town, she might be able to tell you more.

    Carderock Pass -> May
  4. Ask Sorceress Trainer Tiana about the rumor. These rumors seem like they were spread by someone you know.

    Carderock Pass -> Sorceress Trainer Tiana
  5. You have a pretty good sense of who started the rumor, but you are not 100% sure. Talk to Kevin.

    Carderock Pass -> Kevin
  6. As you expected, David started all this. It seems he went to Prayer's Rest alone. Go there and find him.

    Ashen Ruins -> Autumn Shore (Forgotten Temple) -> Prayer's Retreat
  7. You saved David from a manticore. Talk to him.

    Prayer's Retreat-> David
  8. Looks like you need to treat David's wounds. Return to Argenta in Ashen Ruins and ask her for a help.

    Ashen Ruins -> Argenta
  9. Get some Alteran Punch from May.

    Carderock Pass -> May
  10. Return to Argenta in the Ashen Ruins.

    Ashen Ruins -> Argenta
31718 Experience Points
0 Gold 52 Silver 36 Copper
  Choice 1 (Warrior)
1 Argenta's Slave
  Choice 1 (Archer)
1 Argenta's Slave
  Choice 1 (Sorceress)
1 Argenta's Slave
  Choice 1 (Cleric)
1 Argenta's Slave

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