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(Talk) Adeline's Favorite Person

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(Talk) Adeline's Favorite Person

File:Archer Trainer Adeline Quest 1.jpg
(Talk) Adeline's Favorite Person
NPC Archer Trainer Adeline Location
Prerequisite 85.0 Friendship with Archer Trainer Adeline
Carderock Pass
Question Archer Trainer Adeline
Seeing...? Oh, no! After Yorick, I didn't think I could ever love another person...
Dialog Choices I hope you can meet someone to help heal your scars.
+2.0 Friendship
-6.25 Aversion
Don't lose yourself in the past.
+20.0 Aversion
I could introduce you to someone.
+1.0 Friendship
So you're still not over him.
+0.5 Friendship

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