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(Talk) About Daily Life

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(Talk) About Daily Life

File:Lena Quest 1.jpg
(Talk) About Daily Life
NPC Lena Location
Prerequisite 45.0 Friendship with Lena
Question Lady Lena
A woman of nobility doesn't do much. I go to bed early and go for a walk late a night. Then, I come back to my room when it's time for everyone else to wake up and start the day, and ask my maid for a cup of milk tea. That's all I do, really.
Dialog Choices What if you get kidnapped or something?
+20.0 Aversion
Taking walks at nighttime sounds dangerous...
+0.5 Friendship
So do you sneak out at night?
+1.0 Friendship
Next time, I'll accompany you.
+2.0 Friendship

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