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(Nest) Prophetic Compass

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(Nest) Prophetic Compass

File:Sorceress Trainer Stella Quest 1.jpg
(Nest) Prophetic Compass
NPC Sorceress Trainer Stella Location
Level 40 Saint's Haven
Prerequisite Complete (Nest) Partial Compass.
  1. Talk to Sorceress Trainer Stella.

    Saint's Haven -> Sorceress Trainer Stella
  2. Take the Incomplete Compass to Airship Engineer Hubert in Carderock Gateway and ask for his advice.

    Carderock Gateway -> Airship Engineer Hubert
  3. Talk to Self-Acclaimed Crew Member Kevin while Hubert fixes Stella's Incomplete Compass.

    Carderock Gateway -> Self-Acclaimed Crew Member Kevin
  4. Talk to Airship Engineer Hubert at the Carderock Gateway again.

    Carderock Gateway -> Airship Engineer Hubert
  5. The Prophetic Compass has been completed. Go report to Training Sorceress Stella.

    Saint Haven -> Training Sorceress Stella
  6. Go to the Black Mountain Foothills and show the Prophetic Compass to the Strange Technician.

    Black Mountain Foothills -> Strange Technician
0 Experience Points
1 Gold 89 Silver 91 Copper
  Choice 1   Choice 2
2 Nest Entry Pass 2 Intermediate Onyx Spark
Notes Continues on to the quest "(Nest) For a Different Future".

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