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(Adventurer's Guild Quest) Finding Hidden Chucky VIII

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(Adventurer's Guild Quest) Finding Hidden Chucky VIII

File:Commission Board Quest 1.jpg
(Adventurer's Guild Quest) Finding Hidden Chucky VIII
NPC Commission Board Location
Level 36
Prerequisite Complete (Adventurer's Guild Quest) Their Secret.
  1. Find Chucky, the Small Little Blue Bird, in Ruins of Lost Time.

    Port Hermalte (Ruined Riverbanks Path) -> Ruins of Lost Time
  2. Report to the Adventurer's League Commission Board in Port Hermalte.

    Port Hermalte (Ruined Riverbanks Path) -> Adventurer's League Commission Board
99000 Experience Points
0 Gold 0 Silver 0 Copper
  Choice 1   Choice 2
4 Treasure Pouch (200 PU) 1 Treasure Pouch (10 PU)

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