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    Concerto Gate Current Events

    English Concerto Gate (GamesCampus) has been canceled due to unknown reasons, other than Gamescampus was unable to resolve the issues with the developer.


    Stats Simulator

    If you want to test your latest character build, you can at the new stats simulator! Check out the forum discussion here!

    About Concerto Gate


    Concerto Gate is a 3D game that uses a turn-based ATB (active time battle) battle system. It features 15 different classes, and an environment that adapts to the way it is used by the player community.


    The story begins in the city of Fanburg, capital of the Fahren Kingdom. A legend once foretold the arrival of a great hero(ine) from another world, who would stop a great disaster approching the world of the Fahren Kingdom. The Royal Family awaits the arrival of the said hero...

    Just awakened, you crash-land into the basement floor of Lycelia Castle in Fanburg. Upon your arrival, Armay, a Knight, challenges you to test your worthiness in combat. After the fight, he sends you to the Heroes Trial Chamber - where you will meet Tokamac, a girl who will help you in your battles as you ascend the chamber.

    Upon completion, both of you meet Armay again, and Tokamac backs off. Armay gives you a pet, and challenges you to another battle. Satisfied with the results, he sends you off to meet the King. You proceed into the King's Chamber...

    Unfortunately, the King does not accept you as a hero, but instead sends you out to live in the streets of Fanburg. Now, you must learn to adapt and fend for yourself as a resident of the Fahren Kingdom...

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