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Atlantica Online:Locations

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Northeast Asia
Southeast Asia India
Southern Europe
Southwest Asia
Northern Europe
North America
Central Asia

List of Dungeons

Dungeon Name Type Location Required Level
Forest of Spirits (Hanyang) Story Pyongyang East 0+
Forest of Spirits (Harbin) Story Harbin Northwest 0+
Forest of Spirits (Sapporo) Story Sapporo East 0+
Forest of Spirits (Pusan) Story Pusan West 0+
Ruins of the Yellow River Story Beijing West 8+
Sea Palace Story Shanghai Southwest 16+
Angkor Wat Story Phnom Penh East 24+
Ruined Shrine of Snakes Guild Phnom Penh East 0+
Nest of Insects Story Kathmandu South 32+
Mohenjodaro Graveyard Story Mumbai Southeast 40+
Bran Castle Story Bucharest Northwest 46+
Abyss of the Taj Mahal Special (Ring) New Delhi West 50+
Cretan Labyrinth Story Athens South 52+
Devil's Forest Story Moscow Northeast 57+
Hanging Gardens of Babylon Story Baghdad Southwest 57+
Valley of the Kings Story Cairo West 65+
Sunken Machine Shrine Story Lisbon West 73+
Necropolis Special (Ring) Cairo West 80+
Shogun Castle of Death Story Tokyo West 78+
Lost Volcano Valley Story Moscow Southeast 88+
Yggdrasil Story Ostersund Northeast 93+
Constantinople Battlefield Story Istanbul West 96+
Marksburg Castle Guild Prague Northwest 0+
Frozen Adlivun Story Ostersund Northwest 98+
Tower of Babel Nation Cairo South 0+
Dallas Lawless District Story New York West 100+
Silent Detroit Story New York Northwest 102+
Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huangdi Guild Chang An East 0+
Ghost Ship of the Caribbean Nation New York Southwest 0+
Ancient Aztec City Story New York West 104+
Golden Dragon's Cave Guild (Special) Chang An South 0+
Valley of Oblivion Guild Vancouver East 0+
Alcatraz Prison Nation (Special) Vancouver Southwest 0+
Lijiang Women's Village Story Chang An West 108+
Hainan Island Fishing Area Hanoi West 0+
Colosseum Waiting Room PvP Room Rome Northeast 0+
Forbidden Abyss Individual Shanghai Southwest 90+
Arachne's Nest Individual Kathmandu South 94+
Hypogeum of Death Individual Mumbai Southeast 98+
Sealed Tower of Darkness Individual Bucharest Northwest 101+
Lerna’s Labyrinth Individual Athens South 105+
Sea of Clouds Tower Main Skill Upgrade Chang An West 100+
Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town Story Chang An West 115+
Mysterious Saloon  ? Chang An Northeast 120+
Goonzu World Event Pusan West 90+
Bulguksa Story Pusan West 112+
Snow Mountain  ? Sapporo South  ?
Titan PvP Area Lisbon Northwest 0+
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