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Atlantica Online:Points

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Guild Points - These are only usable by the guild leader, and you get this type of point by guild member attendance, owning a Town, doing the Training Center, finishing a Guild Dungeon, Guild Crafting, and Guild Operation Text Books.

Battle Points - You get these by doing the Free League, Weekly Championship, and Challenges.

Fishing Points - You get these by trading in fish to Albert on Hainan Island.

Riding Points - You get these by trading in permanent mounts (including horses, elephants, raptors, and tigers) to Collector Ahammad by Baghdad. You will, however, lose the mount once traded.

Referral Points - You get these by having someone mark you down as their referrer when they log on for the first time. They must log on to your server the first time they ever log in and put in your character name. If they do not enter your name or go on a different server the first time they log on, you can't use them for referral points. You get points every time someone who referred you levels up until they reach level 50.

Collection Points - These points are collected based on how many mounts you have collected in your Mount Book. You will receive points every time you login per day (after 6:00 AM PST).

Mentor Points - You get these by mentoring someone. You keep getting points every level until they reach level 50, at which point you only get mentor points when they reach significant levels (such as level 70). The developers say they'll be adding rewards for mentor points in a future patch.

AP Points - No one know what these are currently. There will hopefully be more information in a future patch. Currently your mentor points are listed instead of whatever your AP points are.


Guild Points

Item Quantity Points
Snake Scale Key 1 200
Key of Lunacy 1 500
Immortal King's Key 1 1000
Cube of Amnesia 1 1500
Ghost Commander's Key 1 3000
Chaos Key 1 5000
Earth Element 6 100
Sea Element 4 100
Flame Element 4 200
Accessory Enchant Stone (Beg) 4 100
Accessory Enchant Stone (Int) 4 300
Accessory Enchant Stone (Adv) 4 900
Guild Operation Text Book 1 550

Battle Points

Item Quantity Points
Sea King's Scale 1 100
Arachne's Web 1 120
Three Headed Dragon Tag 1 140
Sealed Black Key 1 160
Frozen Savior's Equipment Box 1 5200
Frozen Defender's Equipment Box 1 5200
Frozen Destroyer's Equipment Box 1 5200
Conqueror's Equipment Box 1 4800
Volcano Valley Equipment Box 1 920
Shogun's Equipment Box 1 400
Pyramid Equipment Box 1 120
Babylon's Equipment Box 1 64
Bran Castle Equipment Box 1 12
Insect Equipment Box 1 7
Angkor Wat Equipment Box 1 3
Sea King's Equipment Box 1 1
Warrior's Sign 1 25
Still-Beating Heart 1 50
Gilgamesh's Sword Shard 1 100
Merc. Room License (7 Days) 1 500

Fishing Points

Item Quantity Points
Powder of Life 10 50
Powder of Spirit 10 70
Powder of Soul 10 100
Accessory Enchant Stone (Adv) 1 100
Tears of the Abyss 1 100
Still-Beating Heart 1 100
Gilgamesh's Sword Shard 1 200
Gold Dragon Scale 1 200
Albert's Fishing Tackle 1 1000

Referral Points

Item Quantity Points
Ornate Treasure Map 1 25
Strength Refund Vial 1 75
Intelligence Refund Vial 1 75
Dexterity Refund Vial 1 75
Vitality Refund Vial 1 75
Tears of the Abyss 1 100
Small Marionette 1 500
Health Check License (7 Days) 1 1000
Auto-Battle License (7 Days) 1 1500

Riding Points

Item Quantity Points
Hackney 1 140
Heavenly Horse 1 560
Byzantine Elephant 1 700
Volcanic Raptor 1 980

Riding Collection (Mount Book) Points

Item Collection Bonus (per day)
Thoroughbred 2
Hackney 3
Shire 7
Heavenly Horse 10
Byzantine Elephant 13
Volcanic Raptor 18
Snow Tiger 23
Hell Horse 28
Armed Byzantine Elephant 38
Armed Volcanic Raptor 43
Armed Snow Tiger 50
Mercury Rider 60

Collection Points

Item Quantity Points
Volcano Valley Equipment Box 1 25
Conqueror's Equipment Box 1 50
Frozen Savior's Equipment Box 1 80
Frozen Defender's Equipment Box 1 100
Frozen Destroyer's Equipment Box 1 120
Divine Armor Box 1 180
Divine Weapon Box 1 200

Mentor Points

(not implemented yet)

AP Points

(not implemented yet)


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