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Atlantica Online:Party

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What is a Party?

Invite other users to join a party and party with maximum 3 players.

How to Party Someone?

Image:AO Img guide01 02 01.jpg

Acquiring Items in a Party

Image:AO Img guide01 02 02.jpg

Acquiring Quest Items in a Party

Every player who has that quest gets quest items equally regardless of the method of item distribution.

  • Note: Players who do not have or share the same loot quest as their party members should not loot. Quest item distribution breaks if the party member that doesn't have the loot quest loots, resulting in no quest item given to the supposed teammate(s). Thus, those who have the loot quest, should loot, while others should just kill the enemies.

Party Window

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Party Benefits

When you party play, you can get additional experience for every member of your party. If you battle with other players, you can get a maximum 100% of additional rewards for experience. Even if you are not in the same party each player will still receive a small amount of bonus experience (also known as long distance partying, or LDP).

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