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Atlantica Online:Jinni - The Quest Log

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Image:AO Jinni.gif
Quest Information
  • NPC: Jinni
  • Minimum Level: 1
  • Quest Type: Forest of Spirits Quest
  • Description: A Shaman guarding the Forest of Spirits.
  • Prerequisite: {{{Pre}}}
  • Since you can see these mysterious beings, you'll probably be asked for favors pretty often.
  • You'd better get used to check your logbook. You can find your [Quest Log] in [Game Info] at the top of the screen.
  • Open the [Quest Log] and choose [Jinni].
  • Any quests you currently have can be found in your logbook.
Mission Rewards
  1. Look up [Jinni] in Quest Log

  1. Image:AO Blank Item.gif 30 Experience
  2. Image:AO Life Potion (Low).gif 3 Life Potion (Low)

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