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Atlantica Online:Community

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Help System

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Message Board System

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Party System

It is a basic community system. Users can have many benefits through playing with a party.
Limit for number of party players Maximum 3 players.

For more Information, visit here.

Friend System

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Mentoring System

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Registering an Apprentice

1. Players can select (Mentorship) after right-clicking on the player.
2. From the Whisper window [Actions] > [Mentorship].

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Reward for Mentoring

1. Gold Reward: When an apprentice reaches Lv. 30, their mentor will receive 200,000 gold.
2. Point Reward: Whenever an apprentice levels up, their mentor will receive mentor points.


- Similar level of users are peers, and you can see the list of peers through the community button on the right-hand side of your screen.

- You can chat with users with similar levels by using the command (/C) or click [Peers] in the chat window.

Referral System

Only new characters can register a Referrer. The Referrer's character is given Referral Points and Referrals Points can be exchanged for items through the Pointry in Rome.

Referrals Points?

1. When a new player registers a Referrer, the Referrer's character is given 10 points. (You may only enter one Referrer per account.)
2. The Referrer gains points when the new player accomplishes tasks in the game.
3. Referrals Points can be exchanged for items.

Quiz Room

Open Room

If you purchase the Book of the Sphinx from the market, you can create a Quiz-Room and become the host.

Limited Use

The price for the Book of the Sphinx is 100,000 gold, and the player needs to be at least level 80 in order to open the room.

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